Hijrah office

today we moved to a new office at wangsamaju. the office is still in disarray because it is not fully finished yet. but we still need to move. we’ll make do with what we have at the moment.

it would be lovely office. even though it is not ready yet but the are hints of great things to it. looking forward to see it in it’s full glory when it is ready.

my room is finished but I still waiting for the furniture. all new ones. that would be in a few days. meanwhile I have to borrow someone else table and chairs.

the area is still new to me. so I would need to scout around to see the areas. today prayed at the nearby masjid. missing the old TNB masjid. I like the fact that there’s not many people who goes there and you always know where to find the parking.

I like the coincidence that we moved during the first of Muharram or maal hijrah. hopefully it would mean many good things to us and that Allah would bless our new place and the staff and family that rely to it.


HP Netbook for da wife

bershopping Lowyatt tadi. belikan HP netbook for wife. she needs it for her work. it’s a cute instrument. i hope it’s worth the buy. HP notebook has not been good with their batteries. tend to go kaput after a few months.

yang aku perasan sekarang, semakin ramai bangsa lain jadi penjual kat lowyatt. kalau dulu muka cina jer , sekarang dah banyak muka bangla dan pakistani.

contohnya kenalan baru kami, let’s call him Tajam for short. dia yang jual kami netbook tu. dia asal dari Pakistan tapi dah menetap kat Malaysia sebab family dia pun kat sini katanya.

dia degree islam jurisprudence (feqh) dari al-azhar. MBA in economics. tapi sekarang jurujual komputer. terdesak agaknya. sebab dia kata kalau ikut dia, dia nak jadi ustaz ngajar agama. had good discussion with him. memang pengetahuan agama dia tinggi. aku tanya kacang jer dia jawap. so betullah gamaknya dia graduate fiqh. bab komputer pun dia mampuh jugak. good salesman.

iftar office

malam tadi kami iftar dengan keluarga syarikat kat Soi 23. interesting place. cosy dan tinggi. kedai high end Thailand.

it’s breathtaking to see that the family has grown larger and larger by the year. kalau dulu sikit with core groups, now we have problem even recognizing some of the staff! new people come and sadly, some good ones also left.

cuti dah dekat sangat ni. slow sikit kalau ramadhan ni. tambah pulak dah dekat raya. malam balik lambat jugak sebab siang takleh nak makan, so banyak meeting pindahkan ke malam.

still we are looking to get more projects that awaits. puasa and raya shouldn’t put us off from working to our maximum capacity. don’t think that it was intended like that. in term of work, kena sama jer. cuma ibadah kena tambah sikit.


went to genting for the weekend with group office. it has been since i went there. there were memories of the visits.

genting was more meriah than the last time i remember. it is true that it’s the city of entertainmet. if you care for it, that is.

going there was not that easy. my car has been a bit sick lately. was waiting for the major service to settle that. but the drive up exacerbate the situation. now it is really sick. got no time to bring it to the service center. but it seems that i have to make the time. continue waiting might make it totally wreck and we don’t want that to haappen.

though i’m not a hedonist, i would like to go to genting, again. to just relax there, and look at those people that come there to find happiness.

and i can’t help it but wonder about the late mr. goh tong. what a legacy that he left. it’s lke a diferent city altogether. and to remember that when he came, he only have the cloth on his back. and look what genting is now.

but it is not a place to fall sick. my wife was not feeing well and we had to go to the clinic. but the service was not good. it seemed like they don’t want serve us. only one doctor to serve everyone and that’s not enough. we met a couple who’s wife having heart problem. she has beeb waiting for a long time and it pains me to watch her suffer in tears.

The Body-Weight 200

For March, this is the torture:

1. Prisioner squat 30 reps
2. Pushups 30 reps
3. Jumps 10 reps
4. Swiss-ball leg curls 10 reps
5. Swiss-ball pikes 10 reps
6. Stepups 20 reps
7. Pullups 5 reps
8. Forward Lunges 30 reps
9. Prisoner squats 15 reps
10. Chinups 5 reps

Its called 200 because the total of the reps is 200. If its too lame for you, you can do it all over again. I still can’t do that. But I’m trying.

Though its only using Body-Weight, but when I started doing it for the first time, my body was sore all over. it’s really is a great workout.

try it.

Tidbits 2

Today got Monthly meeting. this is where we meet everyone. usually not everyone turns up. it’s hard to everyone to be free for this date. but usually I would have to be around, because it’s me that chair the meeting. Always try to make it funny. this is the time where I hope that they can voice their concerns and whatnot. but usually, only a few would say something. so I try to make it as funny and relax as much as possible. 

this is where we celebrate someone’s birthday too. but amazingly, none of our staff have their birthday this month. out of the total of 20 something staff at hand, none have their birthday in March!


going back to Melaka tonight. Mama got kenduri tomorrow. still don’t know what it is.


conducted Staff Performance Evaluation today for 3 staff. always a drag to have this. don’t like doing it. the bible says: judge not others, lest ye be judge. 

so i really don’t like putting points and demerit to other people. but someone gotta do it. and yours truly had to step up to the plate. it’s even harder when you’re not really at the site to watch them do their work. so it’s just conjecture mostly.