1Malaysia explained … Sort of

Che det has spoken again http://chedet.co.cc/chedetblog/2010/10/human-development-seminar-melb.html

This old Man still has time to spend to educate us with insightful knowledge even though He is in hospital. His thinking is something that we need to consider. What with his experience and understanding of how the world works. I wish him speedy recovery and a long life ahead. We still need him.


Dua Bukit dan Satu Batang….

And the results are out. PR menang lagi.

It was hard for me to predict who would won. But I had a gut feeling that Nizar will win. He’s so much above his opponents in term of a lot of things. If given the chance to vote between him and the other guy, I would vote him hands down. Not that I ever go to vote. Don’t know whether I will be. But there will come a time when my vote is needed.


we are waiting with bated breadth what is the new line up of Najib’s cabinet. The burning question is if KJ will be in?

Post UMNO Election

Otto Von Bismarck once said: “People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war or before an election.”

Umno just had their internal election. Some of those who won were expected but some others were unbelievable to some people. It’s interesting to see how politics gets to the nerve of the people.

I can’t say for sure about the integrity of the politicians because I don’t know them. but when UMNO have their elections and they elected their leaders, eventually, those leaders of that political party will become the leader of this country. So I was also interested to see who won.

Politicians, they say will do anything to get what they want. I just hope that there are those politicians that really want to be leaders because they want to do good. I just afraid that they started that way in the first place, but ends up doing something else because of the call to the dark side. Power is something that hard to control. They can make you do things that you might not normally do, don’t they? It would take a big big man to have power but never abuse it. Or money for that matter.

I remember a story of a student who met his guru and his guru is wearing gold slippers. Where usually a sufi teacher would live humbly, the student wonders why the teacher was living lavishly. The teacher, who can read his student’s mind, replied: “But I only wore it at my feet, and never let it get to my heart.” Whoa, profound…

I consider myself lucky because I don’t have the knack and the desire to become a politician. Otherwise, my life would be in a mess. I have to admit that I don’t have the knack for politics. Somebody said: Diplomacy is about surviving to the next century, but politics is about surviving to the next Friday afternoon.

Like what Nuraina Samad said: “Please remind me to beat my children if they want to be politician!”

Good luck ya all!