I missed the days when I could cuddle and read a good book. These days, that would be a luxury. There’s so much good books out there and not enough time.

Leaders are readers. Luckily I found this app called Blinkist that summarize books and put it in a format that can read in a few minutes. Ok, it’s a bit like cheating because you don’t actually read the whole book, but you get the gist. How many times that you read a book and you don’t remember everything that you read? Wouldn’t it be great if you at least remember the main points?

I’ve checked the summary of the book Outliers. I’ve the actual book and I wanted to know whether this app captured the salient points of the book. I was not disappointed.

So, if you only have a few minutes each day to read, then this app is for you.

You can download the app here:



Quran study workbook.

When you delves into Quran studies like me, you tend to know more about the words of the Quran. Because it will give you better understanding of the real meaning. Each words of the Quran is derived from a root-word and the root word has multiple meanings.

Quran is an excellent language. If not, Allah would not made it as the final message to human.

I’m using this app to get to know the root word of certain words of the Quran. And I gain a lot of benefit from it. You can start to know the word by word meaning at first and then later you can find out the root meaning.

You can find the app here:



Scalar – better calculator for iPhone


Why limit yourself to one line display of cheap pocket calculators when your iPhone or iPad can do much more? Scalar gives you an endless sheet of paper you can calculate on so you’ll never lose track again, even with the most complex calculations.
Your calculations are automatically saved when you leave the app and you can share them by email.
* editable entries, the app recalculates everything as you type
* entries could be referenced from each other for very complex calculations
* arbitrary precision numbers
* percentages
* e-mail integration
* copy/paste in calculations
* saves last calculation between launches
* tap and hold backspace to clear whole calculation

I like the fact that they display all the calculations that I do so that I know if my made any mistake in typing the number.

Check it out:


Whenever I’m traveling, I don’t want to waste time watching the traffic. I’ve learnt long time ago to turn my car into a ‘university on wheels’. Thanks Kak Gee, all these while, I still remember your teaching. I’ve learnt a lof of things during my commute from work to home and all the travelling that I do.

YouTube has turned the way we look at world. There’s so many informative teachings and learning materials in it. One of my fav is ‘Dokumentari Kuliah’. I would download the class and save in on FoxTube.

I like the controls in it. I can swipe to go backward or forward. I can use two fingers to stop and start the videos – no need to find the control button.

And the best features of all, I can download the youtube videos to view it offline. That’s the best features. But I don’t know whether they can do that now. Because the updates after I installed mine told me that Apple doesn’t allow that feature anymore. Hence, I didn’t update FoxTube since then.

FoxTube remember the last point that you stopped, so you can continue to hear from where you left off.




I seem to do a lot of blogging these days. The bloggers are mostly broken into two types: the blogspotters and the wordpressers. Me, somehow I stuck to WordPress. Don’t know why. I just started using it when I started blogging and I just stick to it.

WordPress app seems to help a lot to manage my blogs. I can always edit my blogs on the go. To do full editing, I would need to use the notebook, tho.

It’s simple to use and get the job done. Of course, I’m using WordPress to type this.

Check it out: WordPress

Imo Messenger

Chatting is one way of communication. Not to say that I’m into it. But I thought that people would have the ease of communicating with me without having to call or SMS me. So one app that I use is Imo Messenger. The great thing is that it combines all my chatting system: Facebook, Skype, Gtalk and YM. Alas, sometimes I even not aware that it’s on or off because hardly there’s anyone that ping me anymore. All is good, all is good.

More info can be found here:

imo instant messenger

Bootcamp app


Boot camp. This is as close as possible as I can get to a Personal Trainer. I’m not about to pay 100 over bucks to a guy that will yell at me to do one bit of crunch. I can do that on my own. And because I think that I’m good enough to do the exercises myself. True, that might mean that I full of myself, but well, I think I’m good enough. Watch enough videos, you’d think you’re Albert Susahnakeja already.

Boot camp is a type of full body exercises. That means, you’re not only working your legs, like jogging. But your upper body as well. I believe that this is better. I use to do more weirder exercises before, but this app is simple and I like to start from the middle. The beginner is too rookie for me, so I’ve started at Intermediate level. The instructions are clear, and they keep the workouts to around half an hour. Which is good for me.

Though it’s a girl in the video and I’m being given instruction by a girl, but she claimed that she trained US army before. Not about to argue with that.

So yeah, this is my workout now.