Seerah Episode 58. The Prophet Goes to Ta’if

— The Prophet was in sujood at the Haram for an extended period of time

  • Abu Jahl was dared by other Quraysh leaders to put his foot on the Prophet’s neck & choke him while he was in sujood
  • Abu Jahl made his way over to the Prophet, when Abu Bakr stepped in front of Abu Jahl & said, “No, I see the look on your eyes. You have bad intentions. Get away from here.”

— Such type of behavior was a daily occurrence for the Prophet – being mocked, insulted, finding filth on his doorstep

  • Due to all the circumstances in Makkah, which progressively got worse, Prophet decided to do da’wah to the people in Ta’if

— 2 major cities of Arabia at the time were Makkah & Ta’if because they were home to the 2 most powerful & largest tribes. We might think that it was Makkah and Yathrib but it was not the case at the time, because Yathrib was not a major city at the time.

  • Makkah was home to the Quraysh
    • Abul Hakam (Abu Jahl) was most influential political leader in Makkah
  • Ta’if was home to Banu Thakeef
    • Abu Mas’ud was most influential political leader in Ta’if

— Ta’if was also considered one of the most religious center  (from a pagan perspective)

  • Al-lat was one of the idols that the pagan Arabs worshipped. Al-lat was housed in a temple in Ta’if.
    • The people of Ta’if hoped that temple of Al-lat would attract similar attraction as the Ka’bah in Makkah
  • Remember that previously, the people of Ta’if conspired with Abraha (Year of Elephant)
    • They feared that Abraha would just slaughter them, so they allied with him, in hopes that he’ll bulldoze the Ka’bah to the ground & that would make Ta’if the new popular pilgrimage site

— The Prophet realized that Ta’if could become a strategic ally in terms of preaching

  • Makkah was very dangerous for the believers
    • If the people of Ta’if accepted Islam, then that would boost the number of Believers & the city would provide a sanctuary for the Makkan Muslims
  • The city of Ta’if was also considered an attractive place
    • Many Quraysh leaders had homes near Ta’if or in Ta’if because the weather & scenery was very nice. Many of the Quraysh had summer/vacation homes in Ta’if

— The Prophet had very meager means at this time. He didn’t have much money for transportation

  • The Prophet took Zayd bin Haditha (3rd person to convert to Islam, after Khadijah & Ali) with him
    • Zayd was in his early to mid-20s at the time
  • Ta’if is about 70 miles from Makkah
    • The Prophet is over the age of 50 at this time. He & Zayd were humbly equipped individuals who made this entire journey on foot through mountainous regions & miles of desert
    • This journey to Ta’if was 10 days long

—  The Prophet & Zayd bin Haritha arrived in Ta’if

  • This is a newcomer arriving in an established community
    • The Prophet made his way to the leadership of Ta’if. For the next week or so, the Prophet went around scheduling appointments with different leaders of Ta’if
  • There were some leaders who were a bit wary of Islam & the Prophet, so they were stonewalling him

— There were 3 brothers (sons of Amr bin Umair, a leader of Ta’if) with whom the Prophet specifically wanted to talk to: Abd a’lil, Mas’ud, & Habib

  • One of the brothers was married to a woman of Quraysh, from Banu Jumah
    • The Prophet wanted to speak to that man, since he had in-laws in Makkah
  • The Prophet sat down & spoke to one of the brothers & explained his purpose & gave dawah
    • The man responded, “If God has in fact sent YOU as a Messenger, then I will go all the way to Makkah & I will rip the cloth from the Ka’bah & rip it into shreds.”
    • This man dismissed the Prophet
  • The Prophet then sat down with the 2nd brother
    • The Prophet hasn’t even engaged with the community yet. He arrived as a respectful traveler & showed respect to the community of Ta’if through his conduct & words. He spoke to the leadership before even talking with the community
    • After the Prophet explained his purpose, the 2nd brother responded “Aside from you, could God not send any other Messenger? You? Are you really the only option? Really? Must be slim pickings out there.”
    • This brother also dismissed the Prophet
  • The Prophet then sat down with the 3rd brother, who had a Qurayshi wife
    • Before the Prophet could even get started, this man said, “I swear by God I will not speak with you. If you are in fact the Messenger of God, as you say you are, then you are an extremely dangerous individual in case I reject you. Ignorance is bliss. I would rather not know who you are. On the other hand, if you’re lying about God, then I will not speak to you. It’s not my status to speak to someone who is a liar.”

— All 3 brothers dismissed the Prophet. The Prophet realized that now was not the time to preach Islam to these people

  • The Prophet told the brothers, “Fine, you’re doing whatever you want to do. I tried to talk to you all, but you aren’t listening. I have one request. Let’s not blast us out to the public. You said you’re not interested; I respected your wishes & left you in peace. Let me leave in peace. Let me leave quietly.”
    • The brothers of course decide that they could not have that
  • The Prophet decided to leave Ta’if. He told Zayd to pack up & head out
    • In the meantime, some leaders of Ta’if decided that this is not good enough for them. They sent the word out to street thugs & others, “Listen, this man who arrived to our city is now leaving. Be creative & make things difficult for him.”
    • The leaders of Ta’if actually made offers to these people as a reward to make things difficult for the Prophet’s departure

— The Prophet was at boundary of Ta’if with Zayd, on their way back to Makkah

  • Over a 100 people from Ta’if gathered on the highway. They lined up in 2 rows or sat down on 2 rows by the side of the road
    • They all had carried rocks & stones with them
  • As soon as the Prophet stepped foot outside the boundary of Ta’if, everyone threw a rock at the Prophet. With every single step the Prophet took, they people of Ta’if would throw rocks at him
    • A lot of them were targeting the Prophet’s feet. As soon as the Prophet’s foot would touch the ground, they would throw rocks at his feet
    • These people were told not to kill him, because that would lead to a war between Ta’if & Makkah

— When Zayd saw this, he freaked out. Everyone was throwing rocks at the Prophet from both sides of the line

  • Zayd jumped in front of the Prophet, trying to deflect rocks from the Prophet
    • One large rock hit Zayd in the head & he started bleeding
  • The Prophet pushed Zaid out of the way & said, “They’re targeting me. Get out of the way.”
    • The Prophet told Zayd that these people would probably not kill the Prophet, (because he was of Banu Hashim) but wanted to hurt him. On the other hand, Zayd was considered a nobody to the people of Ta’if, so they wouldn’t hesitate to kill Zayd

— As the Prophet moved forward, the rows would run out & get shorter, so the people would gather up more stones & rocks, & line up for the next 100 feet or so to continue throwing rocks at the Prophet

  • They did this all the way from the boundary of Ta’if to a place called Qablal Manazan
    • Qablal Manazan had gardens where the Quraysh owned some houses
    • This stretch of land from boundary of Tai’f to Qablal Manazan was 3 miles long
  • Consider the gravity of this situation
    • The Prophet was stoned for three miles. He didn’t have any transportation, so he couldn’t just ride away on his animal. He was over the age of 50 & walked with luggage the entire way, with people stoning his feet for 3 miles
    • For at least an hour,  for every second, for every step, the Prophet faced this abuse non-stop, getting pelted with dozens of stones & rocks

— When they reached the gardens of Qablal Manazen, the people finally decide to stop & headed back to Ta’if

  • By this time, the Prophet was injured & bloody in multiple places on his body
    • His feet were completely torn & soaked in blood. He had blood running down his legs & arms
    • The Prophet used to wear leather sandals. Leather soaks things up; his feet bled so much that his shoes had become colored red with blood
    • When the blood had dried up, it crusted his sandals & feet
  • The Prophet sat down under the shade of a tree
    • He had to literally peel & scrape the sandals off his feet
    • In this condition, the Prophet prayed 2 rakat

— Sitting in the shade, Prophet made du’a

  • Allahuma inni ashku ilayka da’fa quwwati
    wa qillata hilati wa hawani ‘alan naas
    ya arhamur rahimeen
    annta Rabbul mustad’afeen wa anta rabbi
    iliman takiluni?
    illa ba’eedin yatajahhamuni?
    aw li ‘aduwwin mallaktahu amri?
    illam yakun bika ‘alay ghadabun fa la ulbaali
    walakin ‘aafiyatuka heya awsa’u li
    a’uthu binoori wajhika allathi ashrakat lahu a thulumaat
    wa salaha ‘alayhi amrudunya wal akhira
    min an yanzila bi ghadubak aw yahilla ‘allaya sakhutak
    lakal ‘utbu hatta tarda
    wala hawla wala quwwata illa billah al ‘alyul ‘atheem
  • To You, my Lord, I complain of my weakness, lack of support, and the humiliation I am made to receive.
    Most Compassionate and Merciful!
    You are the Lord of the weak, and you are my Lord.
    To whom do You leave me?
    To a distant person who receives me with hostility?
    Or to an enemy You have given power over me?
    As long as you are not displeased with me, I do not care what I face.
    I would, however, be much happier with Your mercy.
    I seek refuge in the light of Your face by which all darkness is dispelled and both this life and the life to come are put in their right course against incurring your wrath or being the subject of your anger.
    To You I submit, until I earn Your pleasure.
    Everything is powerless without Your support

— After the Prophet made this dua, Jibril came down to the Prophet & said salaam to him

  • Jibril said, “Allah heard what those people said to you and He has also seen what they did with you. Your dua has shaken the heavens. Allah has sent me to you & He has sent the angel in charge of mountains to you at your disposal so you can command him to do whatever it is that you want to do with these people.”
  • Then the angel of the mountains appeared & said salaam to the Prophet. The angel said, “Ya Rasul, Allah has heard what these people said to you. I am the angel appointed to the mountains (Ta’if is a valley, sitting between mountains). Your Lord has sent me to you to be at your command. If you want, I can command these mountains to collide and crush the people that live between them.”
  • The Prophet replied, “No, I have no ill will toward these people. Instead of ordering you to destroy these people, I’d rather hope that Allah will bring forth a progeny from these people who will worship Allah alone & will not associate any partners with Allah.”

An 18/19 year old young Muslim man from the next generation of Ta’if traveled to SE and South Asia. He traveled to Sindh & converted thousands of people from that region in the span of a year

— This is how the Prophet handled the brutal treatment at the hands of the people

  • He made dua, hoping that Allah was not displeased with him
  • Then when given the opportunity of retribution, the Prophet instead made dua that the children of the people of Ta’if would accept Islam

— Best times to make dua

  • Yum al Jummu’ah
  • After Asr
  • Between adhaan & iqama
  • Last one-third of the night
  • Right before iftaar

Someone who regularly asks Allah for forgiveness, throughout the day, Allah will provide every single way for the person that the person can’t even imagine.

— Dua of the slave of Allah is constantly accepted as long as the person doesn’t…

  • Become impatient
  • Make dua with a sin
  • Make dua with severing of family relations

— Dua of the slave of Allah is constantly accepted as long as the person doesn’t

  • Become impatient
    • “I don’t see my dua’s being accepted.”
    • When you become impatient, you’re showing that you don’t trust Allah. You will lose hope in that situation & quit making dua
    • Don’t demoralize yourself
  • Make dua with a sin
    • “Tomorrow I’m robbing a bank. Please put baraqah in my action. Please help me rob the whole bank.”
    • Don’t let dua accompany a sin
  • Make dua with severing of family relations
    • Don’t make dua to destroy a family
    • Don’t make dua while engaged with destroying a family. If you’re the abusive one, your duas are not accepted, since you’re violating the rights of another person
    • What if you’re keeping distance from a family member due to a serious issue (abuse)? The Qur’an gives you generic advice. Abuse is extreme, so seek extreme-specific counsel


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