Seerah Episode 55. The Prophet Loses Khadijah

— The Prophet lost Khadijah in the 11th year of Nubuwwah

  • This was the beginning of a huge shift in the life of the Prophet & Nubuwwah. This is the first of many events that led to the establishment of the Ummah
  • Khadijah was the first person to accept Islam & the first one in the ummah to perform salah
    • She covered the Prophet & consoled him when he was shaken by the experience in Mt. Hira

— Jibril came to the Prophet & said, “Ya Rasulallah, this is Khadijah. She’s going to becoming right now. She will come back with some food. When she arrives home with the food, then please deliver Salaam to Khadijah on behalf of her Lord & on behalf of me. Congratulate her – she will receive a home in Paradise that will be carved out of a giant pearl, symbolizing her status in the eyes of Allah. There will be no noise or difficulty in that home.”

— Khadijah’s qualities as a wife

  • She stood by the Prophet
    • This was especially true during the first 10 years of Nubuwwah, when the Prophet had to dedicate a lot of his time & energy  in the teaching & preaching of Islam
  • Khadijah aided the mission of the Prophet – she had to make sacrifices along the way by the side of the Prophet
  • Years after Khadijah passed away, the Prophet still spoke of her, which showed how deeply in love he was with her

— The Prophet once saw a necklace that used to belong to Khadijah (this was after her passing)

  • The necklace was passed down to their daughter, Zaynab
  • When the Prophet saw the necklace, he became overwhelmed with emotion & tears flooded his face
    • The Sahaba asked the Prophet what’s wrong
    • The Prophet said, “Everything is fine, but this necklace used to belong to my beloved wife. Seeing this reminds me of her.”

— Aisha narrated, “I never envied anyone until it came to the Prophet’s love for Khadijah. She passed away before the Prophet married me. I used to hear him describe her. Allah had directly commanded the Prophet to tell Khadijah that she would be receiving a palace in Jannah.”

  • She continued, “Whenever the Prophet slaughter an animal for food, he would always take some of the meat & cut off the leg, & send it to the friends of Khadijah to honor the memory of Khadijah.”

— Aisha used to tell the Prophet, “Sometimes you act like there’s no other woman alive in the world but Khadijah.”

  • The Prophet replied, “She was and just was.”
    • “Where do I even begin to describe who Khadijah was. You can’t even begin to understand how unbelievable she was. She was the love of my life. She was the mother of my children.”

— Aisha mentioned that Khadijah had a sister named Hala bint Khuwaylid, who accepted Islam. Hala bint Khuwaylid sometimes visited Prophet.

  • When she used to visit the Prophet, Hala would knock on the door in a special way; it would remind the Prophet of the way Khadijah would knock on the door
    • The Prophet would say “Allahumma Hala” (“Allah, let it be Hala”)
  • Hala was very similar in mannerisms & speaking of Khadijah
  • Hala & the Prophet would reminisce about Khadijah during these visits

— Khadijah bint Khuwaylid was an amazing & honorable woman even before her marriage to the Prophet

  • Khadijah & the Prophet were attracted to each other because of each other’s character. They were deeply in love with another
    • They had 6 children together
  • Between the ages of 25-40, there are not a lot of narrations from the Prophet’s life. His primary activity during those years was building a home & family with his beloved Khadijah

— Khadijah had recognized the truth of Islam as soon as it came to the Prophet

  • She was someone that the Prophet had great respect & admiration for. Her piety & righteousness was validated & acknowledged by Allah Himself
    • Allah sent His salaams to Khadijah
  • In the first 10-11 years, the Prophet had gone through many difficult times with his preaching. Khadijah had been by his side through every step of the way

— When the Prophet was 51 years old, Khadijah passed away

  • Some of their children, like Fatimah were very young at the time of Khadijah’s death
  • The Prophet & Khadijah had been married for 25 years
    • Your lives become one life when you’re with a person for 25 years, but then to lose that person must have extremely difficult for the Prophet

— The Prophet said there are 3 women who have the highest status in sight of Allah

  • Asiya, wife of Firaun
  • Maryam bint Imran, the mother of Isa
  • Khadijah bint Khuwaylid

— The Prophet lost Khadijah at a critical time, when dealing with difficulty upon difficulty as the situation in Makkah worsened

  • 35 days after Khadijah passed away, the Prophet’s beloved uncle Abu Talib passed away


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