Seerah episode 26: The Cave of Hira

— Performing Salah requires preparation – a warm-up. You don’t just dive into prayer

  • Be sure you’re clean & you have wudu
  • Face the Qiblah
  • Place a sutra in front of you

— Even the divine revelation experienced by the Prophet (saw) had a warm-up – the rediscovery of the well of Zamzam, Year of the Elephant, the gradual decrease of interaction between the jinn & the soothsayers, etc.

— Shayatin would bring bits of info to the soothsayers.

  • There was a time period when shayatin were delayed in bringing news to the soothsayers. Soothsayers getting nervous because their business is going down the drain.
  • Soothsayer: “What’s up? Where you been? I’ve been sitting here waiting for you.”
  • Shayatin: “A prophet is about to come from these Arabs, and you will call towards Allah, and you will call towards the worship of Allah.”

— This one soothsayer says, “I’m very shocked by what’s going on with these jinn. They’ve lost control of their situation – how all their information has been cut off from them.”

— A lot of these jinn were even leaving for Makkah

  • “We’re going to receive guidance. We’re going there to meet this Prophet.”
  • “We’re going to Safwa bin Hashim to kiss the eyes and head of this Prophet.”
  • Bad jinn are trying to keep their business going. Good jinn are going to Makkah to receive Prophet’s message

— A narration states that a Prophet was approached by a man who came to accept Islam

  • The man is so excited to meet the Prophet. “I was a soothsayer, and I used to be visited by the jinn. For quite some time, I took advantage of this situation, until one day they came to me and told me to go to Makkah and find the final Prophet and accept Islam. Now that I’ve found you, it’s so overwhelming to see you with my own eyes.”
  • Prophet asks him, “Do these jinn still come to talk to you now?”
  • Man says, “Ever since I first recited a line from the Qur’an, the shayatin don’t come to me anymore.” This shows that when we read the Quran, the syaitan won’t come to you.

— From the age of 25-35, we don’t have a lot of narrations of the Muhammad’s life. Why is this so?

  • Being the ultimate role model, his main achievement at this time was establishing a home & a family
  • It’s not an empty part in the seerah – we can’t say “nothing happened” during this time just because it wasn’t documented
    • He invested time into his family & building a home at that time

— Muhammad ventures a bit outside of Makkah to clear his head from daily life

  • While walking around, he goes up into the mountains & the hills (like a hike)
    • He goes to the hills to the Jabbal Noor
  • He climbs on one mountain (treacherous) and climbs off the other side. Because you can’t go straight there. You have to climb from the other side.
  • He sees a cave with a small opening, & it has barely enough room for 2 people
    • The cave has two openings: one of the openings is big enough for a person to enter, and the other opening is very small, just big enough to let in a breeze
    • On the side of the small opening, there are some big rocks, so it gives a feel of being in a private room
  • When Muhammad sits at the opening of the cave and he looks out, he can see Baytullah in the distance. He had very sharp vision

— The first occasion when Muhammad meditated  (tahannuth – isolation) was during the month of Ramadan – 2 years before the first revelation

  • He packed some food & went to the Cave of Hira. Some scholars say that Muhammad stayed in the cave for the entire month, & some say that he stayed part of the month, until his supplies were exhausted

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