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Seerah episode 25: Salman al-Farsi, Amr bin Murrah al-Juhani & Prophecies About the Coming of Revelation June 19, 2014

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— Salman al-Farsi met the Prophet, but he still remained a slave

  • He missed the Battle of Badr & Battle of Uhud, since he had no free will of his own
  • He was very close to the Prophet, who missed Salman at both battles

— The Prophet said to  Salman, “Buy your freedom.”

  • Prophet asked Salman to proceed with Kitabah al Muqataba, which was a contract between slave & owner – owner set a price, slave would pay it off to buy his freedom
  • Salman: “O Messenger of Allah, I have no money. How would I pay it off?”
  • Muhammad: “Don’t worry, you got this.”

— Salman goes to his owner, who agreed to set Salman free on several conditions

  • His owner said, “You will plant me 150 (some narrations say 300) date plants (palm trees) AND I want 40 grams of gold.”
  • Salman tried to negotiate it down to silver, but the owner wanted gold

— Salman told the terms to the Prophet

  • Prophet makes an announcement to his Sahaba, “Help your brother, Salman.”
  • Prophet instilled this attitude of brotherhood between the sahabah.
    • “You’re all Arabs. He’s Persian. You’re all free. He’s a slave. But help your brother. He’s one of you.”

— The Sahaba helped Salman by bringing in date trees. They dug up their own date palms/trees & people would bring in 1, 5, 15 and 20 date palms

  • Eventually it totaled to 300 date seeds
  • Prophet told them, “Once you’ve gathered all the date trees together, prepare the soil, but don’t plant them. Call for me when you’re done.”

— Sahaba prepared the field. The Prophet was called

  • The Prophet would make a row & plant all the date trees all by himself, one by one
  • Salman: “This way, the Prophet planted all 300 date trees for me with his own blessed hands.”

— Salman’s owner specifically asked for this payment because to uproot a tree & planting it in a different place was a risky project – the tree would die in majority of cases

  • So the Prophet personally planted the trees because of his blessed status as a Messenger
  • Because of the Prophet planting the trees personally, all 300 trees flourished – none died

— Deal was still not done to free Salman

  • This tree-planting was a major project. The entire community took part in Salman’s freedom
  • “Where am I going to get 40 grams of gold?”
  • Prophet had just recently, out of nowhere (but divinely), received a gift from someone
    • Someone had found a gold mine. They chipped out a big block of gold
    • The person wrapped it & brought it to Prophet as a gift
  • Prophet gives the gift to Salman

— Salman: “But how much more can I afford to owe people? How do I repay you? I already owe the whole community.”

  • The Prophet said, “Don’t worry about it. Allah will pay me back”

— Salman weighed it the big block of gold. He didn’t know how much it was; he just took it to his owner & handed it to him.

  • The owner weighed the gold. Salman narrated, “Wallahi, it was exactly 40 grams of gold.”
  • From that day on, Salman was a free man.

— The first battle Salman took part in is Ghazwah al-Khandaq (Battle of the Trench, aka Battle of the Confederates)

  • Salman offered the strategy of the battle – digging of the trench
  • The Prophet agreed to this strategy, & the Sahaba dug the trench

— The Prophet split his warriors into groups (by tribe & family) of ten to dig the 40 meters of trench. The Prophet split them into groups by family because that group will have cohesiveness & familiarity; they know each other’s strengths & weaknesses

  • The odd man out is Salman, since he belongs to no family or tribe with the Arabs (He’s from Persia)
  • The Muhajeroon & the Ansar start to argue. They both want the man on their own team.
    • The Muhajeroon (The Emigrants) were the Makkan Muslims who followed the Prophet on his Hijra
    • The Ansar (The Helpers) were the Medinan Muslims; they belonged to two main tribes, Banu Khazraj and Banu Aus
  • Both groups want Salman on their own team
    • The Muhajeroon argue, “Salman belongs to us, the Muhajeroon! He’s not originally from here. He migrated for the sake of the truth, like we did. He’s from us!”
    • The Ansar argue, “No, Salman is from us! He came to Medina long before the Prophet & Islam. He has lived here, worked here, and accepted Islam here in Medina, so he’s a naturalized Ansari.”

— This matter got heated enough to take it to Prophet

  • The Sahaba had a lot of adaab and aqlakh, so they wouldn’t take every little dispute to the Prophet
    • The Prophet said, “He’s not with you (the Muhajeroon). He’s not with you (the Ansar) either. Salman is going to dig the trench with my family.”


— Amr Bin Murrah al-Juhani was a very respected member of his community. He was among the Jahiliyah (the idol-worshippers).

  • It was the season of hajj (pre-Islamic times, so it was a perverse form of hajj)
    • “I was sleeping at night and we were in Makkah. All of a sudden I woke up and I saw this noor shooting out of the Ka’bah and it was going to the mountains. I became startled when I heard a voice from that noor, ‘Darknesses are about to be removed. The light is about to illuminate the earth. The final seal of the Prophet is about to be sent.’”
    • A few nights later, the light was shining again. A voice said, ‘Islam has become apparent. Idols have been broken. Relationships have been rejoined.’ “
  • Amr went to tell his people of what he’d seen, but nobody believed him

— He came across a monk. Amr told the monk what he’d seen. The monk said, “This is a man who will be named Ahmad. He will be sent as a Prophet.”

  • Years later, Amr came to Makkah and heard people talking about a man who claimed to be a Prophet
  • Amr sought out that man & sat down with the Prophet & told him everything he’d seen.
    • The Prophet said, “O Amr, I am that same man you’re talking about. I am a Prophet of Allah. I’ve been sent to the people. I call them to Islam. I ordered them to respect the sanctity of people’s blood. I tell them to join relationships. I tell them to worship God alone. I tell them to leave all the idols that they worship. I tell them to respect the Bayt of Allah. I tell them to fast in the month of Ramadan. Whoever will accept this call, for him will be Paradise. Whoever will disagree with it, for him will be Hellfire. Believe in Allah, & he will protect you from the Fire.”
  • Amr right then and there took the Shahadah

— Amr went back to his people, who were very attached to their idols. His own father used to look after these idols

  • Amr broke those idols; as he was breaking them, he was reciting Shahadah & reaffirming his faith in Allah
    • “I bear witness that Allah is the Truth while I am the first one to leave these idols made of stone. I am lifting off my clothes, and running towards Allah, and answering the call of Allah even if it means that I will be in poverty or adversity. I want to go and keep company of the Prophet personally. I want him to be my mentor and teach me everything he knows, because he is the messenger of all humanity. I have chosen this path over all other paths in life.”

— Amr returns to the Prophet & tells him, “O Messenger of Allah, teach me about my deen & send me back to my people because I would like to preach & deliver the message that I have gotten from you to them. Like Allah illuminated my life through you, I want to be the means of that illumination to the hearts of my people.”

  • The Prophet advises to Amr, “Be very soft & gentle. Be very straightforward & respectful & honest when speaking to your people. Don’t be harsh & arrogant to them. Don’t be jealous of them. Practice dignity & respect when you preach to your people.”

— So Amr went back & preached to his people. All of his people accepted Islam except for one man

  • Amr doesn’t recall anything specific about that one man; he just sticks out as “that one guy”
  • Amr then gathered all of his people & took them to meet the Prophet, who met each & every single one of them individually

— Umar ibn al-Khattab was the 2nd khalifah at the time. A man from Banu Dhuray walked into the masjid & saw Umar. The man said salaam to Umar, & asked, “Are you Muslim now?”

  • Umar confirms yes, & then asks the man, “Did you use to be a soothsayer back in the day?”
  • The man got offended. He said, “O Amir, since I’ve accepted Islam, nobody has ever brought that up. Why would you bring that up? I’m not proud of it.”
  • Umar says, “No, wallahi, my intention was not to expose you or make you feel bad. I apologize. I’m asking for a reason. I remember you, because I remember seeing you back in the jahiliya days.”
    • “I was just drunk & walking around, doing what I used to do. I laid down on a place where they worship idols & I just passed out there. I had just woken up & had a huge headache. I was just laying there in the corner, & I saw some of you congregating near the idol. You had brought in a goat to sacrifice to the idol.”
    • “You sacrificed the goat, & you were about to do your whole procedure – staining the idol with the blood of the goat, then ripping the goat open & taking its innards & internal organs & putting it on the feet of the idol. The goat was dead, its body was split open. You were just about to take its heart out when a voice started to come out of that dead goat you had just killed. It was terrifying.”
    • “The dead goat started to say, ‘Ya Bani Dhuray. O people of Dhuray. The man has started to call (something serious has happened). A new word has come. La ilaha illallah.’”
    • “When I saw that, I was like, ‘Oh my God.’ So I just went back to sleep. I thought it was a terrible nightmare so I went back to sleep.”
    • “That’s why I asked you if you were a soothsayer. Do you remember that day?”
  • The man said, “Umar, I remember that. It was the most unbelievable thing that happened to me. I lived with that memory until the day came that I heard about Muhammad (saw). I came to Muhammad & I accepted Islam.”

— A man approached the Prophet. They talked with each other a bit. The man came very close to the Prophet & whispered in his ear, until the Prophet got very excited at something the man had said. Sometimes the prophet did this so that people can share what they have learnt.

  • The Prophet told the man, “Tell everyone what you just told me.”
  • The man said, “I am a soothsayer. The way we do business is by interacting with the jinn, who tell us bits of information from the heavens. We use that information to corrupt the faith of the people. I had been waiting for a shayatin to come & speak to me. When the shaytan came to me yesterday, he said to me, ‘Have you seen the jinn & how hopeless they have become? How their world has turned upside down? The people are abandoning them. The jinn have become hopeless in continuing this business.’ I asked the shaytan what he is talking about. The jinn told me, ‘The times are changing, & we can no longer get the same information that we used to get.’”

— The world was starting to change, because the doors of revelation were opening after 600 years.

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