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Seerah episode 11 – The Women Who Cared For The Prophet June 1, 2014

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— There are several occasions in history when Shaytan moaned & cried

  • When he was cursed by Allah
  • When he was cast down to the earth
  • On birth of Prophet (sw)
  • When Muhammad was given nubuwwah (Prophethood)
  • Day Surah Al-Fatiha was revealed
  • During the conquest of Makkah

— Prophet was nursed not only by his mother Aminah, but also by 3 other women

  1. Baraqah, aka Ummu Ayman
  2. Thuyaba
  3. Halimah

— Islam established boundaries between an infant & his milkmother. It is forbidden for males to marry are their mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts,  “And those mothers who breastfed you & their daughters & sisters”.
This establishes relations similar to blood relations.

— Baraqah ( her name mean “blessing”) was on the journey with Muhammad & Aminah when Aminah passed away. Baraqah was the one who brought the child back to his grandfather Abdul Mutallib after returning to Makkah.
Baraqah was a Habashi woman from East Africa. She was previously a slave, originally owned by Abdul Mutallib, who had given her to Abdullah. When Abdullah passed away, she became Aminah’s slave. Later on, Prophet inherited her. The Prophet freed Baraqah from slavery after he married Khadijah, and they both retained a close relationship.
Prophet is so close to her that he would call her, “Ya Umm.” (O Mother). This shows that they were very close.
Whenever he’d talk about Baraqah with other people, Muhammad would say, “She is all that is left of my family.”
He always kept her very close to him.
Baraqah went on to accept Islam & performed the Hijra. Later on, she accompanied the Prophet & other Muslims in a few battles.

— After the Prophet freed her, Baraqah married a man who later accepted Islam.
They had a son named Ayman. He was also a believer & participated in some battles & the Hijra. Baraqah’s first husband was martyred. The Prophet said that whoever would like to marry a Jannati woman (a woman of Paradise), he should propose marriage to Baraqah. Because of this, Zayd proposed and married her.

Who is Zayd? Zayd (adopted son of Muhammad) bin Haritah (ra) was kidnapped during his childhood & taken into slavery when he was a young boy. Khadijah bought him, & gave him to Muhammad as a wedding gift. Later on, Zayd’s father, Haritha, the leader of tribe, would go outside of his village/town during time of sunset & recite poetry about how much he missed Zayd. He went looking for his beloved son all over the place. Haritha hears from other people that his son is in Makkah, so he travels there to get his son back. When Zayd was reunited with his father, the young boy was happy to see him, but said that he’d prefer to stay with the Prophet, who treated him like a family member. The Prophet practically raised him.

Prophet Muhammad was touched. To put Haritha’s concerns to rest, Muhammad said to Zayd, “You’re free, but from now on I take you as my son.” Adoption is permissible. But referring to Zayd as “Zayd bin Muhammad” was wrong. Allah later revealed a verse stating about this. The adopted son is not the same as the real son. There’s narrations that Zayd was extremely sadden by this. Therefore, Zayd was later known as  “Zayd mowla Rasulillah.” – one who is affiliated with Muhammad.

Zayd & Baraqah married, & had a son named Usama. Usama (r.a.) used to be known as Hibbu Rasullilah (the beloved of the Prophet) because the Prophet loved him so much. One time Zayd & his son Usama were lying down & sleeping at the masjid. The Prophet walked by them & said, “I swear by Allah, I love both of them. Oh Allah, I want you to look after both of them.”

— After Prophet Muhammad died, Baraqah was deeply saddened. She was found crying uncontrollably. She said, “I swear by Allah, I knew he was going to pass away. The way he was speaking to people. I knew him. I raised him. This is not a shock to me. I knew he was going to die. Rather I cry because it just hit me that divine revelation (wahy) will no longer come down from the sky. That era of revelation has come to an end.”

— Before he passed away, the Prophet left Baraqah a few camels. He doesn’t have much in term of worldly things. So what is given to her is not much.

— During Hijrah to Madinah, Ummu Aymen (Baraqah) was fasting while she was traveling. She migrated for Hijra on foot by herself. She had no provisions. While she was migrating, she became so thristy that she thought she was going to die from thirst.
She was lying underneath a tree to rest, & out of nowhere, a bucket of water came down from above her. She drank the water.
For the rest of her life, Baraqah never felt thirsty again & only drank water just because she felt like it.
Ummu Aymen passed away about 20 days after the death of Umar bin al-Khattab.

— Thuwayba was another woman who nursed Muhammad when he was an infant
She was a slave girl who was owned by Abu Lahab
When Muhammad was born, Thuwayba came running to Abu Lahab to tell him that his nephew was born
This was a momentous occasion because just months before his brother Abdullah died. Everyone was anticipating the birth of his child.
When he heard the news of the birth of his dead brother’s son, Abu Lahab was so overjoyed that he freed Thuwayba on the spot

In one narration, Abu Lahab was seen by his brother Abbas (ra) in a dream many years later.
Abbas: “After death, what became of you?”
Abu Lahab: “I have not experienced anything good since I left the world. A lot of punishment has been inflicted on me because of what I did. I opposed the Prophet. I opposed his teachings. There’s only one thing. I’ve been punished nonstop, except that every Monday, I’m given a break from punishment. Because on Monday, when Prophet was born, & Thuwayba brought me the news of his birth, I did the good deed of freeing Thuwayba, & I showed some respect to the Prophet when he was born. Because of that, I am not punished on Mondays.”. note: not to be taken as something concrete because it’s just the dream of Abbas.

Because she was in the family & remained close to them, Thuwayba had also nursed Hamza, an uncle of Prophet. Thus, Hamza was not only Muhammad’s uncle, but also his milkbrother
Thuwayba was the first woman to nurse Prophet after Aminah. She nursed him for about 4 months
She herself had a son named Masroo
She also nursed Abu Salima
Thuwayba later on ended up accepting Islam
Throughout the rest of his life, Prophet would send his gifts to her & would visit her. Sometimes he’d take his kids to visit her
She was treated as a mother of Prophet
Khadijah would also visit Thuwayba & give her gifts
Thuwayba passed away after during the 7th year of Hijra, after the Battle of Khaybar
Her son passed away before she did

— The daughter of Abu Sufyan, Ummu Habiba, was one of the wives of Prophet
She once offered the Prophet her sister for marriage
Ummu Habiba: “I benefit from the blessing of being your wife. I want my sister to share that blessing too.”
Prophet said this is impermissible
Ummu Habiba says that she meant no offense. She & her sister had been talking, & they thought that the Prophet was going to marry the daughter of Abu Salima & Ummu Salima.
Ummu Salima was also one of the other wives of Prophet
Abu & Ummu Salima accepted Islam, but they were separated from each other later on by their families. They’d write poetry & send letters to each other; they were deeply in love.
Abu Salima passed away. After some time, Prophet married Ummu Salima & took care of her children
Prophet: “You mean the daughter of my wife, Ummu Salima? That’s impossible. I could never marry Salima.”
“I can’t marry her because she’s the child of one of my wives!”
“She’s also my niece through milk. Her father Abu Salima & I were nursed by Thuwayba.”
“From now on, don’t bring me any more proposals from your daughters & sister.”


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