The naming of Husna حسنى

After 83 days you were born, I finally got around to register your name. Yup, your Abba is a procrastinator.

Now, you might be wondering why you are named Husna. While your friends at school has long names, you might be ashamed that you only have two syllables as representation of you. Other people mostly have two, three and God forbid, four names and you have only one lousy name. You might wonder why has gotten into me by giving you this name. Many, have asked, “Husna? Husna apa?” as if expecting another follow up to your name. Some, your Opah included, remarked: “alaa, Husna ajer?”, as if I have robbed you of your proper name. Heck, if your mother had her way, you are now called Nadine Suraya. I agree, that would be a more glamorous name.

You had some medical issues when you small; you cries a lot (duhhh, a child cries, so what?), you cough a lot, restless and generally craves attention all the time (you are my daughter after all, so that’s expected), and some well minded aunts said that Husna doesn’t suits you and they suggested Nur Husna. I would have non of it. Memang orang Melayu ada yang tukar nama bila anak mereka sakit. Tapi itu adalah fahaman karut, so you stuck with Husna.

I don’t know what you are being called now. It could be Oona, Nana, simply ‘Na’, Cuna, Dekna whatever, but you will always be ‘Husna’ to me.

And when your schoolmates would have problem writing their name, trying to spell their name in Jawi and it turned out funny, can’t find the meaning of their name in Arabic, having trouble filling in forms with limited boxes, can’t find a name tag big enough to hold their names, you will eventually thank me that I named you Husna.

The name حسنى means ‘goodness’ and I hope that you would embody this meaning throughout your existence. You would spend the rest the your life to live up to this name and I would see that this would be fulfilled.

So, you might be interested to know how your name is Husna.
First, I know that you will only have one name. With two syllables. No more. I know that most names would be more than that. People like to name their child with two, three or four names. They would just pick and choose. Or one name from the father, one from the mother. And another might be from the grandparents. Just so you know, there’s no other people involved in giving your name. So, if you don’t like it, you have only me to blame; Most people would just name their child without knowing the meaning. Mereka nak yang bunyi sedap sahaja. Lepas tu check dalam bahasa Arab, tidak ada makna. Ada pula tu apabila check, tengok makna tidak bagus. Memang ada yang check dalam buku, but I’ve found that the translation is not very accurate. So your is not from any “100 nama anak perempuan dalam Islam” or something like that. When you have a child, I hope that you would check the real meaning of your name from a knowledgeable person and not just swiping it from a book.
I’ve always liked how Baba, Auntie Siham’s father gave names to his children. You have Auntie Siham, his brother Uncle Sayf and his youngest son, Sinan. And you should know Auntie Siham and Uncle Mikail’s daughter, Nahla. Simple names, interesting characters. So I’ve always want my child to have just a single name. I did asked Baba to name you though. He suggested ‘Raudhah’ which means ‘Garden’. Nice name, but it didn’t struck a chord with me. Sorry Baba…
Bill Cosby said, when you name your child, it should end in a vowel. So that, when you cry their name outload, the wind can easily carry it. See how your name ends with ‘a’? When you got lost, or wandered too far, your mother and I can call outloud “Husnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”. See how it works?
So, where does Husna comes from? For a while now, I’ve have this fascination with Nouman Ali Khan. He’s an American Pakistani and he used to be a professor of Arabic at a college. He has since been doing a lot tafsir works and I like how he explained Quran in linguistic lexicon. He also taught Arabic language online which I follow, at You might have seen me undergo his class which babysitting you. Or not. You cried most of the time. So, his Arabic class is called: “Arabic with Husna’. tadaaaa, that’s how you got your name. I’m impressed with how intelligent and cute Husna is, so I thought that I want my daughter to be called Husna, too. I’ve never see Husna, but here’s a behind the scene video:

I hope that would explain to you and everyone else on how your name came about. I hope that you would live up to your name. I hope that you would love your name as much as I do. I hope that you would find someone who would call that name with love, and me and your mother do. Arab people have a special nickname which called ‘Kuniah’. They would call themselves by the name of their child. I’m proud when people call me ‘Abu Husna’ – the father of Husna. And people would call your mother ‘Umm Husna’. We love being called that because we love you, Husna.


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