Points from training


Become a better listener. When listening, think of what you are going to ask. Not about what you want to say. Most people would look what would make them look smart. And because of that, they stop listening.

Don’t take yourself seriously. But take your work seriously.

More money is lost in indecision rather than making the wrong decision.

Tell people what they are doing right. They will do more of it and reduce the negative. Look into the positive in people and highlight that.

Get deeper into the discussion. Find out what is the problem and what is their preference. There are the early adopters. And the conservators. We can know about people simply by looking at them. What they have in their room.

Check out Robert chialdini.

Remind staff that we once were in their position now, and we have done what we ask them to do.

FOMO. Fear of missing out. The scarcity principle. So there are companies that make their phone busy. It’s like telling the people that if their line is busy, a lot people are buying from them. So they have a message, that if their operators are busy, please call back. People thought that if they don’t buy, they will miss out.

Believing is seeing

Everyone is born an artist, the challenge is to remain an artist as you grow up. Pablo Picasso.

Fallor ergo sum. I err, therefore I am. Augustine.

Storytelling. Powerful. Narrative.

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