Whenever I’m traveling, I don’t want to waste time watching the traffic. I’ve learnt long time ago to turn my car into a ‘university on wheels’. Thanks Kak Gee, all these while, I still remember your teaching. I’ve learnt a lof of things during my commute from work to home and all the travelling that I do.

YouTube has turned the way we look at world. There’s so many informative teachings and learning materials in it. One of my fav is ‘Dokumentari Kuliah’. I would download the class and save in on FoxTube.

I like the controls in it. I can swipe to go backward or forward. I can use two fingers to stop and start the videos – no need to find the control button.

And the best features of all, I can download the youtube videos to view it offline. That’s the best features. But I don’t know whether they can do that now. Because the updates after I installed mine told me that Apple doesn’t allow that feature anymore. Hence, I didn’t update FoxTube since then.

FoxTube remember the last point that you stopped, so you can continue to hear from where you left off.



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