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Bootcamp app June 1, 2012

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Boot camp. This is as close as possible as I can get to a Personal Trainer. I’m not about to pay 100 over bucks to a guy that will yell at me to do one bit of crunch. I can do that on my own. And because I think that I’m good enough to do the exercises myself. True, that might mean that I full of myself, but well, I think I’m good enough. Watch enough videos, you’d think you’re Albert Susahnakeja already.

Boot camp is a type of full body exercises. That means, you’re not only working your legs, like jogging. But your upper body as well. I believe that this is better. I use to do more weirder exercises before, but this app is simple and I like to start from the middle. The beginner is too rookie for me, so I’ve started at Intermediate level. The instructions are clear, and they keep the workouts to around half an hour. Which is good for me.

Though it’s a girl in the video and I’m being given instruction by a girl, but she claimed that she trained US army before. Not about to argue with that.

So yeah, this is my workout now.


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