Nur Kasih The movie


Aku memang tak pernah tengok langsung cerita masa dia kat TV dulu. So takleh nak komen. Selalu jugak dengar orang lain dok cerita tapi aku tak ambik kesah sangat. Aiman tak kesahhh …

Tapi terpanggil plak nak tengok movie ni. DVD.

Memang menarik. Menyentuh jiwa. Sedih pun ada. Aku suka tengok karektor karektor yang dilakonkan dalam movie ni. Bagaimana satu keluarga yang amat cantik sekali hubungan mereka. Antara suami isteri, anak anak, ipar duai dan dengan mertua. Dan dengan orang luar. Aku suka dan terpanggil dalam jiwa, bagaimana melihat mereka membuka kelas utk mengajar kepada remaja remaja yg bermasalah. Macam itulah baru bagus! Remaja remaja itu memerlukan bimbingan. Bukan tohmahan macam sorang ustaz yg aku rasa silap betul pendekatan dia. Kenalah sabar dgn remaja macam tu. Jangan awal awal lagi dah pandang serong. Macam tu pendakwahan tertutup namanya. Korang kena tengok movie ni baru faham. Mana yer nak cari tempat yang macam ni? Boleh aku tawarkan diri mengajar volunteer?

Suka juga aku tengok loving relationship antara suami isteri. Amannya hidup dan bahagianya kalau begitu. Macam itulah layan suami isteri. Sayang menyayangi. Dengan mertua pun baik. Faham memahami. Ipar duai pun bagus pulak tu. Aku terkesan.

Aku harap sesiapa yang tengok movie ni dapat belajar satu dua perkara. Cuba untuk mengamalkan mana yang boleh.

Hmmm, nak kena tengok balik ke siaran siaran dulu nih?


Helen of Troy


Taken from the famous book of Homer: Iliad. But apparently, there’s a lot of details been changed by the director, or the scriptwriter. Those who like to see the original, would go bonkers with this one.

This story is about how a beautiful woman can make war fought over them. And in this case, it’s Helen of Troy, said to be the most beautiful woman in Greek Mythology.

And that there are those that would go to war, or start a war, killing the life of many men, because of some petty things.

The setting in the movie is very nice. This movie is quite old, but it still looks good.

Lumosity Brain Trainer

Believe or not, actually I hate to think so much. I also have a low concentration level. Can’t maintain my interest for a long time without some effort.

So I have to train myself to think and concentrate. In the past, I’ve pushed myself to play chess because I believe that it would force me to think. And it’s also a game to be enjoyed. Except That I’m not really a good player and that made me lose interest. You can only accept defeat a so long a time.

But chess it so happens that it’s not really acceptable in Islamic circle and so I have to abandon that.

And so I’ve found this app in AppStore that is designed to increase brain power, concentration, problem solving features, the like. It involves specifically designed game. Now I’m not really good at playing games at all. But I’ve found that I got better over time. I try to play every day. some days, more than once.

the games inside the iphone is just a teaser. so later, I’ve went into the web application and registered to become a member. I really can’t say whether i’ve improved or not, but I like to think so. This is the only games that I play now. Like I said, not a very good game player. You can find this app in appstore. Good luck!


The Gabriel Method


Finished reading an awesome about book about weight-loss without dieting. It’s very revolutionary and mind bending. It gives you new knowledge that you never knew about.

You gain weight because of many causes and Gabriel explains it in detail. He explains that most of the things are actual mental. For example, you gain weight because you stressed too much and the respond by gaining weight. And the body does that because it loves you. Because that’s the only way that it knows how to protect you.

Gabriel gave a lot of techniques that you can apply in everyday lives. Very interesting.

I would suggest everyone to read this book because it explains a lot of things. You can even read it if you are not fat at the moment. Because you never know, right?

Working out

Got to know that the gym near my office closes at 1AM. Awesome! Now no excuse for me to not working out.

Been reading Gabriel Method book. About non-diet weight loss program. Now every night i try to hear his Visualization CD. Fell asleep with it.