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The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – Book by Robin Sharma June 27, 2011

Filed under: Books,Self-Help — visitor74 @ 12:52 am

This book has been written many years ago, and I’ve always seen it at bookstores. But it never got into my hand. Until this time. I’ve always wonder what it was about. But maybe because of the title contains the word ‘monk’, it a bit turn me offish, to tell you the truth. But after reading it, it’s not about religious, but about humanity. The knowledge inside it, overcome religious boundaries. It’s about finding the live that we have always wanted, but never know how to get it. It’s about getting peace. The elusive peace with yourself.

When I started reading it, I thought that this was taken from a real story. But after a while, you would notice that this could never be true. It’s just the way Robin Sharma wrote it. He made it like a fable, and thus making it much more interesting. You’ve taken into a world that is made real. It’s easier for you to imagine the teaching that he want to give to us.

I liked the way he presented his ideas. It’s a universal truth ideas, really. You’ve probably already read it somewhere else, but by giving an example such as Julian Mantle, Robin was like telling us that it can be done. Someone here has done it, and his name is Julian Mantle.

He’s also gave a mnemonic way how to easily remember the teaching of the Sages of Sivana. with the story of the garden, and in the garden there’s a lighthouse… etc. even I can remember the teaching now.

It’s a good book to be read again and again so that you can understand and remember the techniques given in the books. Happy reading, you all!


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