The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – Book by Robin Sharma

This book has been written many years ago, and I’ve always seen it at bookstores. But it never got into my hand. Until this time. I’ve always wonder what it was about. But maybe because of the title contains the word ‘monk’, it a bit turn me offish, to tell you the truth. But after reading it, it’s not about religious, but about humanity. The knowledge inside it, overcome religious boundaries. It’s about finding the live that we have always wanted, but never know how to get it. It’s about getting peace. The elusive peace with yourself.

When I started reading it, I thought that this was taken from a real story. But after a while, you would notice that this could never be true. It’s just the way Robin Sharma wrote it. He made it like a fable, and thus making it much more interesting. You’ve taken into a world that is made real. It’s easier for you to imagine the teaching that he want to give to us.

I liked the way he presented his ideas. It’s a universal truth ideas, really. You’ve probably already read it somewhere else, but by giving an example such as Julian Mantle, Robin was like telling us that it can be done. Someone here has done it, and his name is Julian Mantle.

He’s also gave a mnemonic way how to easily remember the teaching of the Sages of Sivana. with the story of the garden, and in the garden there’s a lighthouse… etc. even I can remember the teaching now.

It’s a good book to be read again and again so that you can understand and remember the techniques given in the books. Happy reading, you all!


Green Lantern – Movie

Okay, I have to admit that I didn’t see this movie because I’m a fan of Green Lantern. I barely know the comic. Not a comic fan myself, and this Green Lantern is a bit obscure for me.  Coz you know Superman and Spiderman, but Green Lantern? hmm, a bit out of my league.

I watch because I like Ryan Reynolds. I think that he always have the best of lines in his movie dialogue and he managed to make his character very interesting. Funny interesting. Not somebody with a stick up his ass or something like that. He’s cool, that’s what I’m trying to say. And in this movie, he does have nice lines. I even shrieked a laugh myself, with one of his lines. don’t think anybody else notice that line, though.

Storywise, it’s too out-of-this-world for me. Iron Man, for example, seems logic, you just have to find the right technology. But this one is too far out. far out….

One thing to learn? you have to conquer your fear. Fear will always be there, you can’t eliminate it. But you have to face it head on.



Rahsia Simbol Yahudi – Book

I love conspiracy theory. hollywood movies are rive with it. from time to time they will come up with new movie about the conspiracy theory. and there’s the espionage movies that we never get tired off. after all these while, you wonder whether they are right or not. i mean, whether they are true or not. it is hard to believe it sometimes, considering that what is they are saying. you wonder whether people would do those kind of things. but then again, truth are stranger than fiction.

Now a malaysian writer come up with this book. this is one of the passion of mine. i like to read about the conspiracy of the Illuminati or the Freemason of the world. a secret organisation that most that read it, would believe that it really exist. how can you not? this is an organization that is said to control the world.

Now, Ibnu Yaacob is not the first writer that writes about this. in fact, most of his writings were taken from other people’s book. i’ve read other writings as well. one of the strong writer i’ve read is HarunYahya. you can google him and you can read his writings for free. he’s a Turkish writer and he writes a lot about islam and it’s relation with nature and science. and one of his writings is about the Knights Templar, the precursor to Freemasons and the Illuminaties.

But this book here by IbnuYaacob is more about the symbols. I’ve haven’t read much about it. except from the book of Dan Brown, but then again, there might be more fiction than fact in his books. Ibnuyaacob gives some details of the symbols that permeates our everyday lives even without we aware of it. some of it was quite eerie. is it really true?

I found that some of his writings does bring valid consideration. but some would take some faith for me to swallow. i do think that it’s just mere coincidence. i remember someone said: we must be open minded, but not the extend that our brain falls out from our skull!

Well, it does gives a good read. and when someone do give one of the symbols, you can ask him: “so you are one of the freemasons, are you? how do you apply, actually?” something like that.

I guess that in the end, you can be careful with what they are doing. i mean, whether you believe it or not, you can’t be too careful.

Rahsia Simbol Yahudi

Here’s a good review of the book by someone else: click here






Satu lagi movie adaptasi dari komik. Hollywood tengah berluma lumba buat macam ni. Agaknya sebab banyak peminat komik yang akan tengok. Dan orang macam aku yang tak berapa minat komik tapi tau sikit sikit, akan tengok jugak.

Kali ni pasal Thor, Dewa dalam Norse mythology. Tu yang tak best tu. Aku ingat karekter biasa jer, rekaan orang. Tapi adalah plak dalam mythology. Pulak tu ada elemen freemason plak kalau Dewa Petir ni. Tu sebab ada elemen ni dalam filem filem dorang. Meraka akan menunjukkan macam baik jer dewa dewa nih. Lepas tu budak budak tengok, mulalah terpikir macam betul jer.

Aku ni memang suka tengok filem. Tapi lepas tu aku akan kaji dan pikir balik apa kesannya pada masyarakat. Apa yang baik, kita boleh ambik. Tapi jangan kita terpengaruh dengan yang buruk.

Macam dalam citer ni, kita boleh ambik konsep relation antara ayah dan anak. Kalau anak tu naik kepala, kita kena disiplinkan dia. Jangan jadi macam anakku Sazali nanti.

Apa apa pun, lakonan Natalie Portman dan Anthony Hopkin macam biasa memang power. Kalau Anthony Hopkin ada dalam satu satu movie tu, boleh kata menjadilah filem tu.

Ambillah yang baik dan buangkan yang buruk.




Aku suka sangat kalau Ryan Reynolds berlakon. Selalunya karekter dia adalah sorang yang lepak dan lawak. Dialog dia mesti best.
Dalam filem ni pun lebih kurang jugak. Tapi tak macam selalu. Sebab duduk dalam keranda. Dalam filem ni dia kena tangkap dan diletakkan dalam keranda bawah tanah sebab orang tangkap dia nak ransom.
Macam biasa, yang menangkap adalah orang arab. Kat Iraq. Ini propaganda america nak memburukkan nama orang arab lagi dan secara langsungnya adalah orang islam. Letih dah sebenarnya nak tengok media america ni memburukkan orang arab/islam ni. Tapi masa aku mula tengok filem, aku tak tau apa yag akan dimuatkan. Harapnya orang islam kalau tengok cerita ni akan faham dan tak terpengaruh.

Menariknya filem ni, disiapkan dalam masa 17 hari jer. Tak tau berapa kutipan movie ni buat. Pelakon pun tak ramai. Sorang jer berlako betul betul, itupun tak berdiri pun. Baring dalam keranda jer sepanjang filem. Sebab filem ni juga, Ryan jadi claustrophobia sebab lama sangat duduk dalam keranda kecik.

Teringat kekadang ada amalan sufi tu buat latihan baring dalam kubur untuk mengingatkan mati. Kalau mereka buat macam filem ni, sure berkesan.

Ending tak menarik filem nih. Sepanjang movie, aku berharap dia dapat keluar. Tak keluar dia. Mati sedut pasir. Scarry habis. One of the worst way to die. Aku masa tengok, ngeri jer. Terbayang kalaulah jadi macam tu. Alahai. Tambah plak, ada jugak ular terlibat dalam pembikinan filem nih.

Bila kita dah mati nanti, masuk dalam tanah jugak. Teringat quote: at the end of the game, the king and the pawn, goes into the same box.

Bootcamp on iPhone


Though generally my workout involves a lot of weight lifting at the gym these days, i try to incorporate cardio exercise at home. I like interval training compared to a boring jogging for example. I need guidance for this, thus the app Bootcamp helps a lot.
Generally bootcamp exercise is done in group, involving a fierce trainer and early morning workout. In this case, i got only a puny iphone that tells me what to do and i chiose when i do the workout. It also gives encouragement to me.

Usually the workouts is around 23 minutes with high intensity workout. Not for the weak at heart. This is where you are supposed to push yourself to the limit. A lot of sweats are inevitable.

Great app. Just hope that they would update their workouts soon. Getting bored with these ones.

Little Fockers


the sequence to the movies before. This time is about the kids where they have grown up. Quite a funny movie with all the quirkiness that is ingrained in the movie. You gotta love it.

You will never satisfy your father in law. somehow you’re never good enough for his daughter. Is it like that? he he he. Guess a father would want the best for their child.