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Remember Me May 31, 2011

Filed under: Movies — visitor74 @ 9:34 pm

What a lovely movie with a surprise ending.

A boy with a strained relationship with his father. His father played by Pierce Brosnan, is a bigshot businessman and so don’t have time for his family. His wife already left him. He does seemed like he loved his work more than his family. The hero of this movie, played non other by Mr. Vampire himself, Robert Pattinson, had some beef with his dad, and it shows. He also has a kid sister which he loves so much and he seemed to be protecting her from their father.

Boy meet Girl moment happened in college. She seemed perfect for him.

It all went almost in the end. You’d thought that this movie would have a happy ending, but then 9-11 stroke and and killed the hero the movie. That was quite an interesting ending. Never thought that it would happened that way. It so happens that not long after watching this movie, Osama bin Laden was said to be killed by the commandos of USA. What a coincidence.

I like how the story turns out before it ended. The family should always remains with each other. That a father sometimes doesn’t know how to show his family that he loves them. But he loves them nonetheless. Sometimes, by working to provide for the family is how he showed them his love. To provide for the family.

It’s a slow and nice movie to watch. Go ahead.



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