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A doctor in the house May 3, 2011

Filed under: Books — visitor74 @ 12:19 am

An autobiography by Che Det himself. Looking forward reading this. Don’t know how long it would take for me to finish it. I looked for the ebook version but can’t find it.
So I will give a review of it when I finished with it. Stay tune!

He started the book by telling the stories of how he became the PM. He said that he never thought that he would become one. Though he did wished that he would ascend to that position eventually.

Che det is one extraordinary guy. He’s so brilliant that people does not understand him. Though he is not as big an orator as Anwar Ibrahim, but he can held his own. He is funny and downright brutally cynical in his speech. He’s anecdotes are always nice to be heard. So i’m sure that his autobiography would be one not to be missed.

Che det has his own blog these days, which is an interesting read indeed. He has a way to saying things which make it stick to our mind.



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