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Invictus May 1, 2011

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I’ve always been impressed with Nelson Mandela. How can a man be imprisoned wrongfully by his country and when he became a person that head that country, he does not go find the people that mistreat him and give a piece of his mind?

I’ve read his autobiography a long time ago and he’s one of the non-muslim persons that I admired. Another great one is Mahatma Gandhi. They have a lot of similarities.

This movie portrayed him in his early president-ship. The change of government is still new. The blacks were still sore from the mistreatment that they received. The whites on the other had, cannot really adapt to the new changes. They were the top people just not a long time ago, and now a black is heading the country. So Mandela had the works cut out for him. The duties were so heavy and many. So he is using sports to help him to gather his people together. He needed the help of the captain of the rugby team to win the world championship for the country. The country would rally together to make sure that they win the world championship.

It’s a story about two big hearted men that put the differences aside and gets their hand dirty to make the country that has been split for a long time, to be one again.

Morgan Freeman, as usual is an exceptional actor. The best man to play Mandela.


Some trivias:
Nelson Mandela himself has said that only Morgan Freeman could portray him. And so Freeman was the first actor cast.

The word “invictus” is Latin for “unbeaten”. It is also the name of a short poem written in 1875 by William Ernest Henley, a British poet. The poem was written while Henley was in hospital having to have his stricken foot amputated. Nelson Mandela is heard saying lines from the poem.

Morgan Freeman, who has been a friend of Nelson Mandela for many years, prepared for his role as Mandela by watching some tapes of him to perfect his accent and rhythm of speaking. However, the most difficult part was Mandela’s charisma, which could not be duplicated: “I wanted to avoid acting like him; I needed to BE him, and that was the biggest challenge. When you meet Mandela, you know you are in the presence of greatness, but it is something that just emanates from him. He moves people for the better; that is his calling in life. Some call it the Madiba magic. I’m not sure that magic can be explained.”

The prison cell for Nelson Mandela that the South African rugby team visited was the actual prison cell where Mandela stayed for 24 of his 27 prison years.

Nerine: Thinking about tomorrow?

Francois Pienaar: No. Tomorrow’s taken care of, one way or another. I was thinking about how you spend 30 years in a tiny cell, and come out ready to forgive the people who put you there. — IMDb Quotes: Invictus (2009)


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