Bookshelf from ikea

Yeay! Got The bookshelf that We bought a few days ago. Because it’s too big, we had to take the courier service. Cost us RM65, I think.

Looking forward to stocking it.



Drive carefully


A friend met with an accident a few days ago. While going to the airport. The damage was quite bad, as you can see in the picture. Luckily, everyone were safe. No permanent damage I hope.

It made me wonder. Sometimes eventhough we drive safely, other people on the road is crazy. I’m not to be entirely a safe driver as well. You see, I hate driving. So while driving, I would do a lot of thinking and occasionally checking my mobile. Reading and sending SMS and emails. Checking some apps on my iPhone and all. Bad, bad boy. Yeah I know.

So this is time to reconsider your driving safety guys. Take care.



A normal movie about teen love. A girl who already set her life on what do after graduation day. Got a close friend. A boy, but she only considers him as a friend.
The boy has been holding a touch for her all these while without her knowing it.

But when he left for university, she found out that she can’t live without him.

Interspersed inside the movie was her quirky family. Headed by the famous Michael Keaton.

It’s just a normal teen movie for me. I think that they’re just cashing in using Alexis Bledel from the famed Gilmore Girls series which was a huge hit. Huge hit. What a serie.