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The Blind Side March 25, 2011

Filed under: Movies — visitor74 @ 7:57 pm


A movie about how a woman and her family made a difference to a man.


This is a movie where Sandra Bullock shines through. She played a white woman who sees a young black boy in trouble, where nowhere to go and she goes out of her way to help him. She had to go through a lot of things. It’s not easy being in her position to help. Her friends and people around her looked at her like she’s doing something wrong. But I like her in this movie. She’s this woman who is headstrong, and holds the bulls by the horn. She couldn’t care less about all the people that did not matter. Someone said: “Do and say what you want. Because who mind doesn’t matter, and those who matter doesn’t mind”. That’s what she is in this movie.

And her family was very supportive too. It’s like the whole family is color blind. There just see someone in trouble, and they just go ahead and helped him. It’s like he’s already their family from day one.

The movie was based on a real story and it’s heartwarming to know that something like this is is happening in real life. This is very islamic. To help people in need. No matter who he is and where he’s been. People should should help each other no matter what. Other small minded people mind think otherwise, but do they know? and why do you care about them?


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