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The Office January 16, 2011

Filed under: Movies — visitor74 @ 2:07 pm

This the series that I’m into at the moment. It’s very very funny. It’s about a very stupid boss in a paper company and some equally stupid workers as well. And you’ll grow to love the characters in it. Crazy and funny.

Now everyone thinks that they have a stupid boss. I don’t know why. Probably sometimes that’s the case. Too bad. But I would like to tell you that sometimes it is pretty hard to juggle so many things at once which your boss is doing. So help your boss be the one boss that you can be proud of. If that’s not possible, then it is time to start mending your resume and start asking around for new place to work. Or be your own boss. Now isn’t that a scary thought?

Starting a business is not that easy. There will be time especially in the beginning where you think that that you might not be able to continue on. Study says that if you can maintain the business for three years, then your business is stable. That’s a long time time to hold on.

Back to series. There’s love stories going on in the series. Especially between Pam the receptionist and Jim. You should check them out. They are really meant for each other. The same that they sync their thoughts and where they understand each other. Its nice to see.

And all the other characters are so funny and you learn to love their quirkiness and idiosyncrasies.


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