Quotes and my thots

“Be master of your petty annoyances and conserve your energies for the big, worthwhile things. It isn’t the mountain ahead that wears you out – it’s the grain of sand in your shoe.” robert service.
–> oftentimes, I would be annoyed by the small things. Such is life. We have to deal with it. Even though we may not take notice of it, but because of other people around us is very concerned on it, then we have to take heed.

Marriage = A relationship in which 1 person is always right and the other is the husband!
–> somehow I always found that to be true! That’s why they call ‘our better half’.

One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives. –Euripides
–> not really sure it would amount to 10k. But how good it is to have a loyal friend. And they could really be better than a family member. Someone said that friends are family members that we got to choose.

Better to be hurt by the truth than comforted with a lie. -Khaled Hosseini
–> at the end, it’s the truth that we wants. But how many times that you hold the truth from someone to take care of their feelings or not to worry them?

If you don’t understand my silence, then you don’t deserve my words.
–> there are times when I just like to keep quiet. But our culture does not conform to that. We think that when we are silent, there must be something wrong.

Silence is a girl’s loudest cry. -Brian Moore
–> an opposite of the above quote. When a woman is quite, for sure there’s something wrong. Right? Right?


Step Up 3D

Not much to say. It’s a dance movie which I sometimes live to watch. The dancing was good but not great. May be after a while, I’ve expected more I guess.

Saw some contestants from ‘So you think you can dance’. Love that show!

Tin Cup

A story about The game of golf. I’m not a golfer but I do play sometimes. It’s hard to give commitment to this game because to play it cost a lot of money and time. But when I do play it, I do enjoy it. As Kevin Costner in this movie said: “golf and sex are two things in the world that you don’t have to be good at it to enjoy it.” How true, right?

This movie is about a man who entered into the US Open tournament to win a girl. Win a girl? That’s a bit childish for a reason to me. But what the heck. The golf games looks good. And Kevin actually did his own acting while golfing in this movie. He looks like a good player.

I like the character of his caddy. Always stands by him and gave good advise. We should have someone like that in our life. Those that knows what is good for us and ever ready to dispense with good advise when we need it. Even though we seldom would want to hear it. That is us as human. We are so engross in our way of thinking that it is hard for us to accept the advise of others. Even though it is actually good for us. And we need that advise. There are times when we need to put our thinking on pause and rely on other people’s advise.

This movie reminds me about the nice feeling of playing golf. The nice feeling when we hit the ball nicely and you can hear the sound of the iron hitting the ball and how the feel gets to your groin, as Kevin said it. Hmm, probably I should hit the driving range back.

The Office

This the series that I’m into at the moment. It’s very very funny. It’s about a very stupid boss in a paper company and some equally stupid workers as well. And you’ll grow to love the characters in it. Crazy and funny.

Now everyone thinks that they have a stupid boss. I don’t know why. Probably sometimes that’s the case. Too bad. But I would like to tell you that sometimes it is pretty hard to juggle so many things at once which your boss is doing. So help your boss be the one boss that you can be proud of. If that’s not possible, then it is time to start mending your resume and start asking around for new place to work. Or be your own boss. Now isn’t that a scary thought?

Starting a business is not that easy. There will be time especially in the beginning where you think that that you might not be able to continue on. Study says that if you can maintain the business for three years, then your business is stable. That’s a long time time to hold on.

Back to series. There’s love stories going on in the series. Especially between Pam the receptionist and Jim. You should check them out. They are really meant for each other. The same that they sync their thoughts and where they understand each other. Its nice to see.

And all the other characters are so funny and you learn to love their quirkiness and idiosyncrasies.

Leap year

A woman who has an elaborate scheme to propose to her boyfriend on Leap Day, an Irish tradition which occurs every time the date February 29 rolls around, faces a major setback when bad weather threatens to derail her planned trip to Dublin. With the help of an innkeeper, however, her cross-country odyssey just might result in her getting engaged.

It is sometimes sad to see how women has to be at the mercy of his man in matters of proposal. They had to wait, sometimes hints went unnoticed and they cannot do anything about it. Truly sad if you ask me. Sorry ladies. Those that has boyfriend but still waiting for the man to ask her marriage probably should hint to him by showing this movie.

The leading lady is played by Amy Adams which is not my fav actress. She does not played strong willed character. Always a damsel in distress. But she does have her good moments. The guy is played by Matthew Goode, first time I saw him acts. Quite good. Playing a cool guy and dashing at the same time. You gotta love the accent.

This is what people call serendipity. When you met something nice when you not actually planning for it. Where two people who started cannot stand each other but at the end they fall madly in love with each other.

And you gotta love the scenery in the movie which is at Scotland. What a breathtaking view throughout. Made you wish you live there. There’s not much of technology going over there which would make me go crazy, but the view, oh my …

Sometimes the person that you have been with for a long time may not be the right person for you. It’s like they are the mr wrong before you got to the mr right.


This is a cool movie. Aside from having Leonardo de Caprio which i think he’s a damn good actor, it’s about dreams.

Now dreaming is one entire thing altogether. We might spend a quarter of our life dreaming. But we don’t know much about it. Me for one, wonders all the time. What’s the meaning of all those things that we dreamt about.

There’s too much to say about dream. For example, it’s a part of revelation from Allah and all that. I think I wrote about this before. Islam has interesting points about dream and it’s uses.

And I always like to experience the phenomena of ‘Lucid Dreaming’, where you know you are dreaming while you are dreaming, and you can control your dream. So say, you are being chased by a lion. In a lucid dream, you know that the lion is not real. So you can turn back and chase the lion back. What’s the harm? The worst that could happen is, you’ll be awaken from your sleep! Think of all the experience that you can get if you know that you are dreaming. Instead of being controlled by the the dream, which is usually the case, you can experience different things!

So this movie is about a group of people that went further. They induce the dream state, plan everything including the setting of the dream and manipulate the dream state. Not only their own, but others as well. Now I wonder if there are people out there that has done this. It would be cool. And scary.

What they want to do is to manipulate someone else’s dream and instill an idea inside the person’s head so that it would control his decision in his real life. And it could happen as well. Because the interesting thing about dreaming is that most of the time, you don’t even know that you are dreaming. Even though the things that happened in your dream is weird, but you never question it.

I’ve been trying to question during my waking time, whether I’m dreaming or not. Hopefully I would also question the same when I’m dreaming so that I can know that I’m dreaming and that I can control it.

I totally enjoyed the movie and it gave me a few pointers about dream as well.
Good one.

Tafsir surah As-Shaff (61)

1. Apabila hati kita bersih, kita akan dapat mendengar bahawa segala alam ini bertasbih membuktikan kebesaran Allah. Kita akan melihat bahawa Allah itu maha berkuasa yang dapat menjadikan segala dan Dia juga Maha Bijaksana kerana telah menjadikan semua teratur.

2. Mulanya dipanggil hai orang yang beriman. Tapi lepas itu ditanya kenapa berkata apa yang tidak kamu kerjakan? peringatan kepada orang beriman supaya tidak berdusta.

3. Sangatlah dibenci Allah kalau kita tidak berkata benar.

4. Seperti di dalam sembahyang, di dalam medan peperangan juga kita perlulah menyusun barisan dan mengikut kata-kata dan perintah Imam.

5. Kisah bagaimana Bani Israil telah menyakitkan hati Nabi Musa dengan meminta perkara perkara yang tidak patut. Tidak mengikut perintahnya dan macam macam lagi perlakuan mereka walaupun mereka tahu dan melihat dengan mata kepada mereka sendiri bahawa dia itu Rasul mereka. Ini sebagai pengubat hati kepada nabi kita bagaimana nabi yang dahulu pun telah disakiti oleh umatnya.

6. Isa telah memberitakan kepada pengikutnya bahawa beliau datang adalah hanyalah kepada Bani Israil, bukan kepada yang lain. Dan juga bahawa beliau adalah utusan Allah, bukan satu dari tiga.

Dan beliau tidak akan mengubah Taurat tapi akan meneruskan.

Dan memberi berita gembira tentang kedatangan nabi Muhammad yang dikenali sebagai Ahmad. Sepatutnya kaum bani israil telah mengetahui tentang kedatangan nabi Muhammad lagi. Tapi mereka mengatakan bahawa ianya adalah sihir merujuk kepada Quran. Kerana sesiapa yang mendengar akan terpengaruh dengan ayat-ayatnya.

meraka tidak akan mempercayai tentang kedatangan Rasul sebagai memenuhi apa yang dikatakan oleh nabi Isa itu.

7. Mereka berbohong tentang Allah padahal mereka hanya diseru kepada Allah. Walaupun mereka mengenal peribadi nabi sebagai mereka mengenali anak mereka sendiri. Tetapi mereka tidak mahu mengakuinya.

8. Dari mula Islam lagi, banyaklah usaha untuk memadamkan api keislaman. Tapi Allah akan memastikan bahawa cahaya kebenaran akan terserlah jua akhirnya.

9. Islam akan memenangi atas agama agama yang lain. Apabila manusia membandingkan agama Islam dengan agama lain, maka akan menanglah Islam. Walau bagaimana berusahanya kaum kafir hendak mengalahkan Islam.

10. Manusia ramai yg suka berniaga. Maka Allah membuat perumpamaan perniagaan di sini. Yang confirm akan menyelamatkan manusia dr azab. Ini adalah perniagaan yang Allah sendiri sebut. Sedangkan kalau ada manusia yang cakap ada Business bagus pun kita nak dengar, apatah lagi kalau dr Allah sendiri?

11. Kalau nak berniaga kena ada modal. Modal utk menyelamatkan diri adalah dua. Beriman kepada Allah dan juga rasulNya, dan kedua adalah berjihad fi sabilillah. Dua modal.

12. Keuntungan yg kita akan dapat dr perniagaan ini adalah: Allah akan ampunkan dosa kita yang kecil dan besar. Walaupun sesama manusia kerana apabila kita berjuang jihad, kita sebenarnya memperjuangkan manusia keseluruhannya.
Dan Allah akan masukkan kita ke dalam syurga Eden dan mendapat tempat tinggal yang bagus bagus.

13. Selain dari itu ada juga laba yang akan bagi dengan segera. Iaitu pertolongan dr Allah. Mereka mereka yang hendak memadam api keislaman akan diberi kekalahan. Kemenangan akan menjadi hak orang Islam dalam masa terdekat.

14. Allah mengajak kita menjadi pembantuNya. Adakah Allah memerlukan kita? Tidak sama sekali. Apa yang kita buat adalah untuk membangkitkan semangat kita untuk memperjuangkan Islam. Sama sekali Allah tidak memerlukan kita. Kitalah sahaja yg memerlukan pertolongan dari Allah.
Ini adalah ajakan kepada kaum Muhajirin dan kaum Anshar yang menjadi pembantu kepada Allah dan rasulNya. Seperti hawiri di zaman Nabi Isa. Hawari dr perkataan hiwaar yg bermaksud diskusi. Merekalah yg bersama dgn Nabi isa membincangkan tentang agama mereka.
Mereka telah memberikan pertolongan kepada Nabi isa dan dengan itu ada antara bangsa Yahudi itu yg beriman. Yang tidak menerima Nabi isa sebagai sebahagian dr Tuhan. Tetapi adalah seorang rasul. Maka terjadilah perpecahan di dalam agama nasrani dan Allah memberi kemenangan kepada mereka yg benar dengan kedatangan Nabi Muhammad yang membenarkan ajaran mereka.