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Saya gay, saya OK?? December 23, 2010

Filed under: Ilmu,Monolog — visitor74 @ 12:53 am

You may have probably watched the brave Azwan Ismail confession on being a gay on YouTube. Please google it yourself.

He looked like a nice enough fellow. Just letting himself heard. Coming out of the closet thing. And many has either lauded him for it or demonized him because of it.

I’m no homophobic at all. I believe that they are still human. And actually I pity them. It’s not like they were asked to be borned that way. I believe that something is wrong with them. They need help. And I know that there are a lot of them in the world and in Malaysia as well. Most would keep staying inside the closet.

As they should. Going to the public and telling people that they are gay is totally wrong with me. There are a lot of youngsters out there which already have an inclination to this unacceptable feeling and what they need to do is to curb it. Not having someone come up to the public and making it sound like it’s okay. You’re gay and it’s okay? No, you’re not okay at all …

Look, I know that you don’t want this to happen to you in the first place. But you should know that this is wrong. Morally, religiously and if you’re in Malaysia, it’s also wrong legally. Remember Anwar Ibrahim’s case?

Homosexual is wrong in Islam and that’s that. No two way about it. I remember someone asked me about islam’s position on homosexuality, probably hoping that I can say that it is actually okay. But I can’t say that it’s okay. The whole nation of Lot has been punished because of their act. It was so bad that there is no remnant of them. You see, Allah left us Pharaoh’s body for is to see and ponder on what wrong he did. But with Sodom, He turned their nation upside down so that they are totally wiped put from the earth. And from the Quran, Allah told us that it was them that ‘invented’ homosexuality. As opposed to people who may say that it is natural. No, it was invented and nature did not intend this to happen.

I’m not okay; you’re not okay; but that’s okay.
But being gay is not okay.

Flatcherize on that.


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