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Bali – Day 1 December 8, 2010

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My good supplier was kind enough to offer my company two seats to attend a training at Bali. Not my first choice of place to go in Indonesia but free trip is still a free trip.

First stop while on the way to hotel was to visit the Uluwantu temple. I didn’t enter myself. They’re really serious about their temple. Before you enter, you have to properly dressed. Those with short pants has to wear sarong. And everyone has to tie a colored piece of cloth around the waist. Me and the other malays in group just stay back outside. The view inside was good from what picture I saw from those who entered.

During The trip, you can see nice Balinese architecture. They’re really good with their handiwork. Their structure would usually have decoration on them. Malaysian likes to decorate their houses with Balinese decoration. Here, it is the real deal.

We had dinner at this place call Jimbaran. It is developed by Tommy Suharto. The son of the previous Prime Minister of Indonesia. The location is nice and cosy.

We checked in at a Best Western Resort Kuta. It’s not lavish but nice still. It’s in the middle of housing area, so a bit crowded. The roads here are small and there are so many people. My only beef is that the air-condition was working as strong as I’d hoped. Usually I’m the one that hate cold air-condition, but with the hotness of Bali, I wished that the AC was working fine.

At night, we had drinks at Hard Rock Bali. We were all hoping that the place is happening. But it’s not the same as HRC KL.


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