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Beggars can’t be choosers November 28, 2010

Filed under: Ilmu — visitor74 @ 11:33 pm

You See them almost everywhere. The beggers. Especially now at restaurants. And sometimes there are those that ask for donations for their islamic schools. And for masjids. And sometimes for temple. Or there are buddhist that ask for alms.

You’re not really sure that they are genuine or not. But you give nonetheless, because you want them to go away. You can’t bear that they standing there besides you with that look on their faces.

In verse 10 of sura ad-Dhuha, Allah said: Nor repulse the petitioner.
That means that you should not turn away those that ask from you. Does it include the beggars? Not sure about this. But I feel that it includes the genuine beggars. That cannot have any other means of livelihood.

It is not a good choice of profession to be a beggars in Islam. God does not like it that you ask too much from other people. One ustaz said that those that made begging as their profession (professional beggar), would be raised without face on the day of judgment.

There are so many of them. I’m afraid that by giving them money, it would encourage them more. Malaysian are generous. I’m sure that those beggars have a very good income. Imagine how much they would make daily. Probably more than what I make. And I’m not joking. They could.
And I wonder about those syndicate that utilizes children or old people to beg for them. Those people have to come up with a minimum amount of money. If not, they would have be subjected to punishment. Imagine the movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’.

And the most prevalent these days are the people that uses students to beg or sell items for them. In the guise of taking donations for their Tahfiz school or Islamic school. But what I heard stories that the school might not even be in existent. The kids might not even got to learn. Most of what they do is asking for donations or selling whatever their handler ask them to.

By giving in to their request, you actually continuing the cycle. But you give anyway. At least I do. But a few months back, I was eating with Baba at Kajang, and one of the kids came by to ask for donation. Baba pulled one of the kids and told him outright that what he is doing is wrong. Baba was not mad at the boy but at their handler. I would not have the guts to do so. And I pity the kids that have to do it. But maybe Baba felt that it is his responsibility to give his advice. I have to admit, though. I cringe when Baba pull the kid over.



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