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Ip Man – the Legend is Born October 23, 2010

Filed under: Movies — visitor74 @ 3:38 am

Been admiring The Ip Man series. It is nice to see a well mannered martial artist play a cool fighter.
This movie is about Yip Man, who eventually became the teacher to Bruce Lee. I think that’s how he got his break. I mean if it’s not for Bruce Lee, we might never heard Of him. And He does have a good story to tell.

This movie is about the early years of Yip Man. Mostly how he started with martial art. He had three Win Chun teachers where he learnt a great deal from. And a about his love life. In eventual movies about him, his wife is always there with him. And this movie is where they found each other.

I heard that the main actor is a Win Chun expert himself and he does have good moves. I like a movie where they choreograph the fighting scenes well and this is one of it. The moves were fluid and the action was awesome.

This movie bastardized again the japs. It portrayed them as a mean people that went to extremes to conquer the world. And I believe that it’s true. That they were bad people during those days. Sometimes I wonder why we treat the japs these days nicely where not too long ago, they ran havoc to these parts of the world. They should be ashamed of their ancestors. Who am I kidding? Those people might be proud of them instead.

The son of Ip Man himself starred in the movie. I saw a documentary of Ip Man before and his son is still actively trains his students up to this day. What a character.


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