Ip Man – the Legend is Born

Been admiring The Ip Man series. It is nice to see a well mannered martial artist play a cool fighter.
This movie is about Yip Man, who eventually became the teacher to Bruce Lee. I think that’s how he got his break. I mean if it’s not for Bruce Lee, we might never heard Of him. And He does have a good story to tell.

This movie is about the early years of Yip Man. Mostly how he started with martial art. He had three Win Chun teachers where he learnt a great deal from. And a about his love life. In eventual movies about him, his wife is always there with him. And this movie is where they found each other.

I heard that the main actor is a Win Chun expert himself and he does have good moves. I like a movie where they choreograph the fighting scenes well and this is one of it. The moves were fluid and the action was awesome.

This movie bastardized again the japs. It portrayed them as a mean people that went to extremes to conquer the world. And I believe that it’s true. That they were bad people during those days. Sometimes I wonder why we treat the japs these days nicely where not too long ago, they ran havoc to these parts of the world. They should be ashamed of their ancestors. Who am I kidding? Those people might be proud of them instead.

The son of Ip Man himself starred in the movie. I saw a documentary of Ip Man before and his son is still actively trains his students up to this day. What a character.


Dinner for Schmucks

Starring Steve Carrel. I’ve always love this guy when he did ‘the Office’ series. And subsequents movies where he never failed to deliver.

The story is about a guy who is stepping the corporate ladder and to do so, he has to join his management team to bring idiots to their dinner. It’s an entertainment for them. So where can Tim find an idiot to entertain his boss?

Walks in Barry who is an idiot without even trying. He just do what he thinks is right. And there’s the funnies. You should see this to appreciate it. There are multiple moments where I cringe and hope that they would tone it down. Coz I was so into it.

But he’s a man with a good heart and at the end, Tim saw that and refused to go along with the rest of them.

I wasn’t hoping much when I went into the theater to watch this. But it turned out funny. Thanks again, Steve.


Here’s another movie about a man with a unique and rare ability, to bring to life the characters from the books that he reads. If he reads it out-loud, that is. So if he don’t want to create disaster, he can always reads to himself. (on a side note, I’ve read somewhere that reading out-loud is a rare gift in the past. Only those with high intelligence can do it, people like da Vinci for example. It seemed that even-though that man can read, he can only read it out-loud. Huh, funny, right?)

I like this movie because it’s a story about books. Oh how I love books being a vociferous reader myself. I could lose myself in a a book (or a
Movie), much to the chagrin of those close to me. These days, I use my iPhone and loads e-books inside it. Pretty neat because I can read almost everywhere.

Mo ‘Silvertounge’ is this movie has the gift to bring to life whatever he reads aloud. He didn’t know that he has that gift, until it was too late. He brought to life those which he shouldn’t and in return, his wife went into the book. It’s like exchange student kinda thing, you see. So he spent many years finding that book back to made amends of the wrong that he accidentally committed.

There are those who had been given by God who wished that they didn’t have it. Like the story of a pious man who had the ability to know what is the sin of the man that he met. In the end, it is too much for him that he asked Allah to take back the ability.

The gift to bring to life whatever we read is pretty neat but it would pretty scary, too. Even Mo didn’t use it because he didn’t know how to control it. That’s something with the power that God gave. It could either be used for good or it could be the other way around. Or the man might intends it to be good but it could go the other way around.

All in all, I think that it’s a novel idea about an existence of people who can read and bring to life what they are reading. Interesting and creepy.

Handover ceremony

Yesterday had a good experience working with one of the schools that we had done project with. It is a good feeling when you were accepted by the good people that want to see the best things happen.

The session went well, the demo was good. More than what I expected actually and the food at lunch was nice. Can’t ask for more.

Useful and Favourite Software

Thought of doing a community service by listing all my fav software. I’ll divide it into PC software and iPhone apps. Enjoy. Will update from time to time:

PC Softwares:

Foxit Reader: it’s a pdf reader. Usually people would use Adobe reader. But Adobe is such a huge file and it takes more power from the PC to use it. Foxit is so much simpler and the facilities that it gives is not bad. It’s enough for me.


iPhone apps:

Docstogo: This is one of the apps that I use to create Microsoft Word or Excel file from my iphone. But I usually use this to sync files from my PC to iPhone. I have a folder which I put all the current files that I’m working on and I can sync that folder to my iphone. So that, when I’m on the go and want to review the files that I’m working on, I can immediately find it in that folder. Nifty stuff. You have to install the desktop version on your PC to sync it. The synchronization is using wifi. Welcome to Apple world.

1Malaysia explained … Sort of

Che det has spoken again http://chedet.co.cc/chedetblog/2010/10/human-development-seminar-melb.html

This old Man still has time to spend to educate us with insightful knowledge even though He is in hospital. His thinking is something that we need to consider. What with his experience and understanding of how the world works. I wish him speedy recovery and a long life ahead. We still need him.