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At the end of the game, the King and the Pawn goes into the same box

Nabi Ibrahim a.s June 4, 2010

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I have always thought that Nabi Ibrahim has a large followers. He had preached tirelessly throughtout his life. Everyone knows the story of his father the idol maker and what he did with the idols when his people were not around. And a lot of other stories.

But actually he has no followers except his family, including his cousin, Luth. I found that this is rather interesting.

But it never deters him to keep preaching. And he is a major prophet in the eyes of Allah and we Muslims. Allah declared he alone is an ummah by himself. Though he is only one. Everyday we are reminded of him in our solah during our tahiyat. And Allah has blessed him with giving all the prophets after him from his progeny.

In his life, it is said that he only lied three times.

1. When he said that he is sick when he was not. This is when all the people were going out for their religious celebration and he don’t want to join them. He stayed and this is the time when he destroyed the idols.

2. After destroying the idols, he put the axe that he used on the big idol and when the people asked who destroyed the idols, he said that the big idol did it. This is the second lie.

As you can see, it’s not really a normal lie. He did those things because he wanted to teach his people a lesson.

3. When the king’s people took his wife, Sarah because she was beautiful, and when they asked him who he was to Sarah, instead of saying that she is his wife, he told them that she was his sister. Because if he told the truth, those people would kill him and still take Sarah to the king. He told Sarah that they are the only two muslims in the whole world and if they are killed, there would not be another man who would worship Allah.

And when Sarah was brought to the king, she prayed to Allah to save her. When the king wanted to touch her, his hand went paralysed. He asked her to cure him and she prayed to Allah and the king’s hand returned to normal. And he tried to touch her again. And the same thing happened three times.

In the end, the king was afraid of her and thought that she was a witch. He told her to go away and probably as a way of atonement, he gave her Hajar as a gift. That’s how Hajar became another wife of Nabi Ibrahim. Hajar was the one that bore Nabi Ismail. I guess you already know that story.


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