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sneezes and say alhamdulillah May 29, 2010

Filed under: Ilmu — visitor74 @ 4:51 pm

Been going through stories of the prophet on audio lately. Thought that I’d share some interesting points.

When roh was put into Adam a.s, and the roh reached his nose, Adam sneezed and uttered alhamdulillah. That’s the first word that comes out from his mouth.

And Allah replied to his utterance, ‘yarhamkallah’ – and Allah bless you. That’s might be a loose translation, mind you.

And that is the right thing to do when you sneezes. A lot of us I see never did this. A Muslim should say alhamdulillah when he sneezes and the one who hears it answers by ‘yarhamkallah’. And the sneezer (for lack of a better word) replied by ‘yahdikumullah’ – and Allah guides you. Loose translation.

On a lighter note, I remembered a joke by Bob Hope. He said, “I went to heaven and met God. Suddenly, he sneezes. I don’t know what to say”. He he. Blasphemy perhaps, but funny. Forgive me Allah.


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