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Iron Man 2 May 27, 2010

Filed under: Movies — visitor74 @ 1:09 pm

image1000240371.jpgOne of the must watched movie in my list is this one. I totally enjoyed the first one. And I hope that it would fill in the expectation. Though someone said that the movie does not get good reviews, I beg to differ.

I guess that usually the second instalments of most movie failed to fulfill the viewer’s expectation because the expectation is too high in the first place. I try not to have a high expecation. That way, I would seldom be dissapointed.

The movie continued immediately from the first one. It’s really different from other superhero movies because this time around, everyone knows who the hero is. And that’s dangerous because the bad guys can easily get to you. Hasn’t he ever watched movies or read comics?

And as usual, the government wants to have a hand on the matter. They wanted the suit to be given to the government so that they can control it.

Again, it’s a propaganda that the Americans can do anything and they are always right. You would always have remember that this is just a movie and that they don’t have a right to everything. Even after these years after the Russian has fallen down from their number one rivalry, they still want to condemn Russian technology. Sad.

The cinematography as expected was great. It’s an enjoyable movie to watch. But nothing much to learn here.


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