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Outliers, the Story of Success May 9, 2010

Filed under: Books — visitor74 @ 2:48 pm

image14812765.jpgI just knew about Malcom Bradwell rather recently. I haven’t been reading about good books for a while now and when a friend mentioned about this book, I looked for it almost right away. And when I started reading it, it seemed like I can’t put it down. It’s very interesting and very informative. It’s an eye epener about why some people succeed and how certain things happened that way. I like it when some information explains the world in a way that I can understand and this book is right in the money.

I think you should read this book yourself but let me spill the beans on some of the points.

We thought that people succeed because they have the determination and the right brain matter. That’s important too, but there’s some external factors that work in helping the kid out. This book told us about how Bill Gates managed to get his headstart in life.

The books also explains why Chinese for example are good at maths and why they are good at learning.

It tells about some cultural idiosyncrasies that shaped the outcome of certain things. Like why airplains fell from the sky. Gasp! That one scared me to get on airplain for a while.

I’m currently reading another book of his and it looks to be good too. In fact, it’s the first book that made him famous.

Google him up.


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