sneezes and say alhamdulillah

Been going through stories of the prophet on audio lately. Thought that I’d share some interesting points.

When roh was put into Adam a.s, and the roh reached his nose, Adam sneezed and uttered alhamdulillah. That’s the first word that comes out from his mouth.

And Allah replied to his utterance, ‘yarhamkallah’ – and Allah bless you. That’s might be a loose translation, mind you.

And that is the right thing to do when you sneezes. A lot of us I see never did this. A Muslim should say alhamdulillah when he sneezes and the one who hears it answers by ‘yarhamkallah’. And the sneezer (for lack of a better word) replied by ‘yahdikumullah’ – and Allah guides you. Loose translation.

On a lighter note, I remembered a joke by Bob Hope. He said, “I went to heaven and met God. Suddenly, he sneezes. I don’t know what to say”. He he. Blasphemy perhaps, but funny. Forgive me Allah.



image132055143.jpgA movie Corporate espionage and how far they would go to steal other company’s research instead of coming out with their own. It’s about betrayal to your employer in the worst possible way.

The movie stars Julia Roberts, the highest paid actress and Clive Owen, the stud from Britain. Who doesn’t know Julia from the hugely insanely famous Pretty Woman. But Clive though very familiar is not that famous for me. He just didn’t do it for me. Not much of an actor. He looks much brawn than brain, if you know what I mean. Even he said that he does much of his acting with his eyes instead of using his words.

Rather than using the title of Duplicity for the movie, they should have use ‘Deception’ instead because it’s in abundance in this movie. Between the companies, between the employees and even between the main characters in the movie.

When watching a movie, I would wonder whether it is happening in real life or not. Though movies largely based on fiction and make believe, some of it is based on real life and it is happening as we speak. That worries me. On how people would go to achieve what they want. How people would lie, destroy other people and steal with no regrets whatsoever.

But the movie was quite interesting. How they have planned to get the informations and the method that they used. While watching it, you don’t know whether they were planning on how it would turns out like that or whether they were caught with thier pants down. Much like Ocean’s Eleven kinda concept.

But the ending was not expected. I thought the the main characters had played thier deception rather well but it would seemed that they were outwitted and outsmarted by a better man. Cool!

Iron Man 2

image1000240371.jpgOne of the must watched movie in my list is this one. I totally enjoyed the first one. And I hope that it would fill in the expectation. Though someone said that the movie does not get good reviews, I beg to differ.

I guess that usually the second instalments of most movie failed to fulfill the viewer’s expectation because the expectation is too high in the first place. I try not to have a high expecation. That way, I would seldom be dissapointed.

The movie continued immediately from the first one. It’s really different from other superhero movies because this time around, everyone knows who the hero is. And that’s dangerous because the bad guys can easily get to you. Hasn’t he ever watched movies or read comics?

And as usual, the government wants to have a hand on the matter. They wanted the suit to be given to the government so that they can control it.

Again, it’s a propaganda that the Americans can do anything and they are always right. You would always have remember that this is just a movie and that they don’t have a right to everything. Even after these years after the Russian has fallen down from their number one rivalry, they still want to condemn Russian technology. Sad.

The cinematography as expected was great. It’s an enjoyable movie to watch. But nothing much to learn here.

Date Night

image980845093.jpgI love a funny movie. I laughed to this one. A lot. I mean who doesn’t love Steve Carell from the Office series and Tina Fey from the famed Saturday Night Live?

Two long term married couple felt that they have fallen into a groove and thought that should spiced up their relationship by going to a hot date.

I don’t want to go into details but the night turned bad. Really bad. They weren’t prepared for it and they just had to go along and made do with want they have. The events after events were really funny. There’s bad cops, topless ex-agents, good cop, mafia pit boss and corrupt politician. All those people that you meet on a daily basis.

A married life would go stale if you don’t do something about it. And whatever happens to you, you have to just roll with it, right?

In the end of the day, or night in this case, they managed to turn things around and had something really interesting to tell their kids the next day.

Really love this one. Hilarious. Go and watch it.

Reeder app

image1303480773.jpgI do like to read blogs which I found to be interesting. The old ways is to open the blog directly but that is such a waste of time. There might not be updates and you might be reading again old posts.

So the best way to me is to use Google Reader which keep tracks of the blogs that you register with it. That way, you just read new updates of the blogs.

And for iPhone, you have the benefit of using the app called Reeder to open google reader in such a simple way. I just open it and it would start downloading updates of the blogs that I follow. It’s easy.

the Perfect Getaway

image2141525587.jpgA couple is having a honeymoon in Hawaii by jungle tracking. Now why people go for that is beyond me. I know that the jungle is a nice place to be. That you are close to nature and all, but it is not my thing. Not my cup of tea. I remember the dread that i was on, when i had to attend Biro Tatanegara activity where they forced you to listen to boring lectures and to go jungle trekking.

But this movie has good shots of Hawaii and it’s nice. But during their honeymoon, they got to know about a couple of Honeymooners that got killed by some maniacs. And during their trip, to got to meet some couples that may be potential killers.

So the movie started slow and continue to almost the end of the movie. It’s mostly about their camping and tracking and about their distrust about the people that they are with.

At the end, then only we found out that this couple who are afraid of those couples which they think might be the killers, are actually the killers themselves! Lo and behold! And suddenly, the movie is brought to a different level where the energy was different and there are a lot of actions going on.

It’s an ending which I would never have guess. And for good reason too. If they are the killers themselves, why would they were so afraid of the others? And there’s even a scene where they were talking to each other and they were thinking of getting away from the other couples! It would seem that the directors were lying about the plot from the beginning. That’s feel like cheating to the audience to me.

kenangan lama

image554799196.jpgBeberapa minggu lepas semasa balik kampung, aku teringat nak bawa ister jalan jalan kat TLDM. markas Tentera Laut diraja Malaysia. Dah dekat sepuluh tahun gamaknya tak singgah tempat tu. Padahal bukannya jauh sangat. Banyak kenangan kat sana. Lebih lebih lagi kenangan bekerja di gerai roti canai.

Kat sinilah aku bekerja dulu lepas SPM. kalau tak kat sini, tak taulah aku nak pegi mana. Keje KFC la kot.

Kat sinilah belajar macam mana menebar roti canai dan buat Teh tarik. He He. Boleh tahan jugak aku.

Gerai tu masih ada di sana. Tokeynya Pak Usop dah tak berniaga dah, tapi sepupu aku masih ada kat situ. Kat sinilah aku mula belajar susah senang bekerja. Tak taulah mana duit duit tu dulu pergi. Harapnya adalah aku bagi kat parents aku. He He.

Kat TLDM juga aku mula belajar main gym. Workout sama bodybuilders Navy.

Pasar TLDM masih sibuk macam dulu. Tak banyak berubah. Markas ini adalah antara markas tentera yg terbesar kat Malaysia.

Lepas tu pergi ke Pernama. The only mall yang ada kat situ. Kat situ dah banyak berubah. Dah ada bowling alley. Nasib baik dulu takde. Kalau tak habis duit kat situ jer.

Ah, kenangan kenangan. Tempat jatuh lagi dikenang.