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Singapore Visit April 25, 2010

Filed under: Travelling — visitor74 @ 10:03 am


Just got back from singapore yesterday. I’ve never liked to go there. There’s not much to visit and it’s too expensive for me to do shopping over there.

Went there to attend a convention on smartcard Technology and RFID.

First day stayed at Carlton Hotel. Not too bad. But The second day moved to Royal Plaza on Scott which is way better. It belong to sultan of Brunei and i think it’s a very good place to stay. They have free wifi over there which i think all hotel should have.

Went shopping at Orchard road. Bought Thomas Sabo charm bracelet for The Wife. I think it’s a Grand idea. It’s just a silver bracelet but you can add charms to it and there’s a lot to choose from. It’s like having a collection. Very cute. You can buy it all over The World so you can add The charms from time to time.

For eating, We went to Arab Street. Tried The nasi briyani and The nasi padang over there. Another place i use to frequent is Lau Pa Sat hawker Center. They have duck satay over there. Why can’t We have that in Malaysia?

Went there using firefly. It’s a low cost carrier but it’s not too bad. The trip was short so eventhough The seat is small but for an hour journey, you can’t feel the difference. I like that the terminal is at Subang so no need to go to Sepang.


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