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The curious case of Benjamin Button April 3, 2010

Filed under: Books — visitor74 @ 4:22 pm

I liked the movie of the same title very much that I thought that I should read the book by the author F Scott Fitzgerald

to find out more about the background of the movie.

But the book is very much different from what the movie had potray. It’s true where the saying goes: don’t judge a book by it’s movie.

The basic concept is the same: Benjamin came to world an old man and subsequently got younger by the years. But that’s about the only similarity. I must confess that I liked the movie even more.

In the book the father didn’t left Ben to an old folks home. He took care of him albeit not very proud of the fact that his son is very much different. And in the book, it seemed that Ben already has an old man’s thinking and behaviour although he was very young at the time.

The love interest was also different. Ben got married with his live interest but the love was shortlived. In the movie, the relationship was cultivated over a long period of time and you can feel the love that they had to each other.

In the book, ben had a son. But after Ben keep getting younger, Ben has become a liability to his son and his son did not take good care of his father.

All in all, I like the movie more. I guess they just get the basic concept and later played around with it. And it was better that way. Usually, the books were much better than the movie, but in this instance, it is the other way around.


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