How to train Your Dragon

image1634699785.jpgA good movie I just watched is a cartoon. I liked the characters and the funny lines.

It’s about a dreamy Viking village which fights a different kind of monster: dragons. They are very good at it though. It’s a normal everyday life for them. Everything is well coordinated to have the good fight.

The main character, Hiccup, is small boy for a Viking but he wanted to prove himself that he can kill a dragon and be in The same status as his peers. But when he manages to catch one, he can’t bring himself to kill it and actually befriended the dragon and for that, his life was way better. I mean the scene where he rides the dragon was beautiful and he looked awesome doing it. That is way better than to kill one. Right?

Though it’s a cartoon movie, I really like it very much.


kerja malam malam

Multi level Marketing atau pendeknya MLM dan sesetengah panggil kerja malam malam sebab selalu perjumpaan buat malam hari dah lama ada dah. Aku start berkecimpung dari lepas Sekolah lagi. Ada kot sepuluh jenis MLM aku joined. Memula sekali Zhulian. Masa tu dia jual barang kemas jer lagi. Sekarang dah macam macam ada. Macam iklan Astro.

Ni semua joined sebab nak kaya cepat. Selalunya orang yang ajak kita adalah mereka yg dah berjaya. Jadi kita akan termakan dengan pujukan mereka. And i believed In The Power of netwoking. Macam boleh buat jer.

Tapi aku memang tak reti nak ajak orang masuk. Tak reti nak ajak orang lain makan, lepas tu cerita pasal Product dan Marketing System. Tak reti nak kenakan orang. Tak reti nak buat muka seposen. Tak suka hilang kawan sebab dia dah takut nak jumpa kita sebab kalau jumpa, kita nak cerita pasal Product jer. So aku dah tak buat MLM dah. Dah lama tinggalkan. Bukan aku ada masa pun dah.

Tapi ada Product yg aku still pakai lagi. Seban Product tu bagus. Macam Melilea. Bagus tu. Kalau aku promote pun, bukan sebab nak ajak dia join jadi ahli. Tapi untuk makan. Tak payah jadi member pun. Pakai Account aku jer. Aku bukan dapat apa pun.

Tapi ada jugak sedara dekat dekat aku yang masih join lagi. Masih mengharap MLM boleh berjaya. Dan tidak dinafikan ada yg boleh cari makan dgn MLM. Makcik aku contohnya. Buat MLM jer. Hidup dlm MLM. Senang jugak nampak hidupnya.

Tapi kalau nak masuk, memang kena buat dgn sungguh sungguh dan bukan half heartedly. Sebab sekarang bukan style dulu. Sekarang Trend kena laburkan banyak duit sekali. Sampai pinjam Bank. Ini supaya semua cepat naik. Kalau dah banyak duit keluar dan bulan bulan kena bayar Bank, patutnya semangat nak menjayakan MLM kenalah kuat. Jangan main main.

Tapi tak semua berjaya. Ada yg terlungkup dan mereka kena tanggung hutang Bank yang banyak. A few of those ada yang rapat dengan aku.

Aku kata orang: there’s a sucker born everyday.

Be careful.

Old Dogs

image1619354994.jpgI had the unlucky experience to watch this movie. I thought it would be good it starred John Travolta and Robin Williams. Robin was usually hilarious in his own kind of way. But not in this movie. It was a disaster. Probably all the good scripts got to other people and these two guys need to work. I mean, a man need to work, right?

Robin and joh in this movie has been friends for thirty years and they have a firm together and they were about to close a big deal with the Japanese. First of all, I wonder why a Japanese company would go over the board to engage an American company to represent them? Don’t they have those kind of firms in japan? Well, probably time has not changed. After the world war and when japan was crushed by the bombs from America, it was the American that went over there and set them right. In one way or another. At least thy was what I read.

And while robin or Dan in this movie is busy to close the deal, he was informed that he actually have two twin children that he did not about and he has to babysit them for two weeks.

You can imagine the plot already. First he would be a disaster with them but you’d know that in the end, he will make it right.

There are not much funny moments at all in the movie. I was totally dissapointed with that. There’s not much to learn either from the movie. I hope they would stop making this of movie. Seriously.

Singapore Visit


Just got back from singapore yesterday. I’ve never liked to go there. There’s not much to visit and it’s too expensive for me to do shopping over there.

Went there to attend a convention on smartcard Technology and RFID.

First day stayed at Carlton Hotel. Not too bad. But The second day moved to Royal Plaza on Scott which is way better. It belong to sultan of Brunei and i think it’s a very good place to stay. They have free wifi over there which i think all hotel should have.

Went shopping at Orchard road. Bought Thomas Sabo charm bracelet for The Wife. I think it’s a Grand idea. It’s just a silver bracelet but you can add charms to it and there’s a lot to choose from. It’s like having a collection. Very cute. You can buy it all over The World so you can add The charms from time to time.

For eating, We went to Arab Street. Tried The nasi briyani and The nasi padang over there. Another place i use to frequent is Lau Pa Sat hawker Center. They have duck satay over there. Why can’t We have that in Malaysia?

Went there using firefly. It’s a low cost carrier but it’s not too bad. The trip was short so eventhough The seat is small but for an hour journey, you can’t feel the difference. I like that the terminal is at Subang so no need to go to Sepang.


image1583690540.jpgNow using iBlogger for updating My blog. I have been using wordpress for iphone all these while. But today when i want to update My blog, i can’t seem to use it. WordPress has updated The app and it can only work with version 3.1 while i’m still using version 3.0 of My iphone OS. What a bummer! WordPress IS better and more use friendly. But now i have to be contend with iBlogger.

clash of The titans

image1575555952.jpgAda orang kata cerita ni best. Tapi takde la best sangat. Pelakon dah bagus bagus dah. Sebenarnya aku tak tau cerita pasal apa sebelum aku beli tiket. Rupanya pasal Greek gods. Mulalah aku rasa tak selesa. Apa hal pulak. Boleh rosak akidah apa kalau percaya. Janganlah ada Mak ayah bawak Anak Anak tengok citer ni.

Basically pasal tuhan tuhan berkelahi dan menggunakan Manusia sebagai pawn dalam war mereka. Ntah apa apa. Sampai Manusia plak boleh lawan dgn tuhan mereka. Sampai boleh nak memberontak taknak sembah tuhan dah.

Dalam cerita ni, dikatakan bahawa tuhan memerlukan Manusia utk sembah mereka sebab kalau tak mereka tak terus hidup. Apa punya konsep la.

Mmg tak puas hati aku tengok cerita ni. Jalan cerita pun tak bagus.


I like to read. And these days i can only read ebooks. If i got spare time, i could whip out My iphone and kill a few minutes.

There’s a few good ebook apps out there. But now i’m using Goodreader which can open large pdf file and it opens it as what the PDF should be. I love it. It’s like reading the file on computer screen, albeit a bit smaller.

It can also open other type of files but I haven’t tried that yet. This is the best PDF reader so far that I have found.

I can also use this to hear audio files. I like to use this because it remembers the last position that I stopped and I can carry on listening to the last stop. This is useful when I hear talks on the iPhone. I don’t hear much music. In fact, I don’t have any music on my iPhone.

GoodReader team always improved their app and I hope they will come up with better features in the future.