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Hijrah office December 19, 2009

Filed under: work — visitor74 @ 12:19 am

today we moved to a new office at wangsamaju. the office is still in disarray because it is not fully finished yet. but we still need to move. we’ll make do with what we have at the moment.

it would be lovely office. even though it is not ready yet but the are hints of great things to it. looking forward to see it in it’s full glory when it is ready.

my room is finished but I still waiting for the furniture. all new ones. that would be in a few days. meanwhile I have to borrow someone else table and chairs.

the area is still new to me. so I would need to scout around to see the areas. today prayed at the nearby masjid. missing the old TNB masjid. I like the fact that there’s not many people who goes there and you always know where to find the parking.

I like the coincidence that we moved during the first of Muharram or maal hijrah. hopefully it would mean many good things to us and that Allah would bless our new place and the staff and family that rely to it.


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