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Hafazan is easy December 19, 2009

Filed under: Ilmu,Personal — visitor74 @ 12:13 am

earlier this week managed to attend a talk about Hafazan, or memorizing Quran. thought that it would be like an official class but it turns out just a talk.

but still managed to gleamed a good techniques on how to better memorize the quran. there’s a few steps to it. talaqqi, tahaddir and tasmie. that processes would to have a teacher to guide you or at least a friend that can monitor you. that is what I have been missing all these while. can’t find a mutual interested friend. hope that after this I would have fellow comrades along the way.

and the speaker gave a technique that the students supposed to use that you have to read and practises the new verses 60 times so that it would ingrained in the long term memory. no wonder I tend to forget the verses that I’ve memorized.

may Allah guide me towards the journey.

Ustaz giving the lecture about hafazan.


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