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last two verses of alfatihah December 2, 2009

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Anamta alaihim:

The way of those in the past. The prophets before prophet amuhammad. and this show that This is not a new religion. and it also means The prophet and the companions. And the siddiqin, syuhada’ and the soliheens.

And eventhough the prophet has left us, there are people that are in the religion that we should follow. because Allah does not only gave the book also the way to follow it.

That the path has already been established and we should not come up with a new path.

the wording that Allah used is the path that ‘you’ have blessed. stressing that it is Allah that gave that blessings and noone else.

the path might not be taken by many people. but we should not lose heart. the path has been taken by many people before. it is the right path. stick to the path. never waver from The path.

the meaning of bounty is about the easy life in this world. but it does not mean the material bounty. it is the feeling of contentment. the remembrance of Allah and peace. like what Ibn qayyim said about ibn taymiyyah when qayyim visited taymiyyah in the jail. he had the disposition of a very happy man. this world is nothing. one of the Hadith of the prophet said that if the world worth as a wing of a mosquito, He would not even give the unbelievers water to drink! we are to live in this world as a stranger. we are not to live forever in this world. we will leave soon.

there are people that is blessed in the past and there is also people like that in the current time. so we need to look for them. we need to emulate them. live as they live. follow them.

the most important bounty that Allah can give is the nikmat of iman and that He may enter us to paradise.

ghairil maghdubi alaihim for the Jews

walad dolleen for the Christians

this is based on the saying of the prophet and the sahabah and the tabeen.

the role of the prophet not only to pass the Quran but also to teach the meaning of the Quran so it supposed to be taken from him. but there are other tafsir that says otherwise and it should not be that way. what is the basis of their argument if it is not based on Hadith? there are other people that are not willing to say that those two groups of people were mentioned by The prophet.

but it should be added that the saying that the meaning is based on Jews and the Christian is not exclusive. the wording of the prophet is not like that. if it is, there are other ways to say it. but they are the prime example of those people that are receiving The wrath and those that deviated from The true path. the most important thing is the principle. and so that Muslims should remember that there is the possibility that we can fall to be like them. if it only saying that it is exclusive to those two, then Muslims might be complacent and not worried. We must remember and live our life so that we do not fall like them.

in the three verses, there are difference in the grammar and the way the words were put together. when saying about the blessing, it is attributed to Allah directly. but when about the wrath, it is in passive form. evil is not attributed to Allah in the Quran.

but whose wrath it is talking about? the verse kept it general. it is not only Allah that is in wrath but also the believers, the angels and those that can give wrath.

the wrath of Allah is not something to be taken lightly. we already know that Allah is Rahman and Raheem but here, He is in wrath with these people. therefore it is something that is big.

when we love someone, we do not want to make them angry. so when we love Allah we do not want to anger Him. it is something that we would detest to do. it would be something unacceptable to us.

here we also have the concept of wrath or hateness to something which is wrong in islam. we should not accept the wrongdoings of the people. we must try to change it or at least hating it. this is good kind of hate. there will come a time where the Muslims can only have the hate to the bad deeds without being able to do anything about it.

what made the Jews received this strong wrath from Allah? this mentions of them will stay forever in the quran and until the end of time. and why they are mentioned first? because they come first before Christians. and because they were closer to the prophet. and foremost because their wrongdoings are worst than the Christians. there 22 mentions of their wrongdoings in the Quran.

another reason why these two groups are mentioned for eternity in quran and being read daily is because these two groups are close to us and we are supposed to be careful with them. because it is easy to fall to their wrongdoings and following them.

the words ghairil is used to strengthen the connection with the previous verse. to reiterate that those that are blessed are not getting the wrath.

the Jews are the people that knows the truth but yet they did not follow it.

and the Christians are those people that are astrayed. their belief is not right. the current religion that they are following is called Pauline Christianity. paul is the man who initially against Christ but later he received what he called premonition, saw Jesus and that he received revelation from jesus. so it’s like he thought himself as a prophet. but he is not accepted by the then leader of the church of Christians that time which is Peter and James, the brother of Jesus. they had a fallout. but who is this man that the current Christians are following? the basis of their belief is wrong. and the teachings are wrong. the bible is wrong. they even had studies about he authenticity of the bible and most of it believed did not come from the saying of Jesus. but yet, they foolheartedly believe in their so called religion.

the true religion is Islam. it is not right to say the jews and the Christians are also correct. like some of the new age islams and are accepting all religions as true so long as the principle is for the goodness of mankind. no, it is not right. the fatihah that we read daily is a remembrance of that fact. that we cannot accept them. some Muslims dare not say the right thing because we want to take care of the relationship with those two groups. that we don’t want to hurt their feeling. and sometimes they mentioned the visit that the prophet received from the christians. but even when the prophet had discussion with the Christians fron Najran, he did not accept their faith. to the extend that Allah asked them to do mubahalah to show who is correct. but the Christians dare not went through with it and left without believing in Islam.

the only one that can tell us what is the right thing to do is Allah. he is the one that knows how he should be worshipped. therefore we must have knowledge and Amal. we must have knowledge about Islam. ignorance is blameworthy. because we have means to gain knowledge. it is not like the old days when it is hard to find knowledge. do not be like the Christians who might have good intention to worship god but their basis is wrong.

there are three types of people that we gather from the verse:

1. those who knows allah and act accordingly. this is muslims.

2. those who have knowledge but did not act with it. this are the Jews.

3. those who wrong in their knowledge. this are the christians.

we must be careful not to fall into being them or following their ways. their ways are wrong. thus it is wrong and hypocrisy to accept the concept of interfaith movement that tries to accept those two ways. they are not the right ways. we are again and again being reminded in the verses to stay away from being them.

how many Muslims that worship Allah without knowledge and true understanding? like the ahlu zikir who have no knowledge and follow blindly. to them, it might not be good to have too much knowledge. just blind following.

the problem with not having the right knowledge is that you could become extremist. like the Christians, they are extremist toward their prophet.

learning knowledge about Islam is very important. there are not many knowledgeable muslims around. usually those that got sent to study Islam is because they cannot study something else like medicine etc. but this need to change. we need those that can give talks and move people towards Islam. and to give directions and give fatwas and advise on Islam.

the primary sources is the Quran. but not many people read it and even less ponder upon it. some just read it like a parrot. without understanding what they are reading. Allah has called all Muslims to ponder upon His Words. sometimes it is better to understand the Quran on our own rather than taking the understanding from tafsir.

the secondary source is the sunnah. the prophet is our guide and we need to emulate him and follow his footsteps. we need to know about him. luckily we have extensive resource about his life and his teachings.

the prophet has said that we are going to follow the Jews and the Christians in the end of time. that is going to happen. no question about it anymore. in fact it is happening right now. we have to be careful and pray to Allah that we saved from this predicament.

we must make ourselves different from them. prophet has said those that follow another group, belongs to that group. therefore we must be distinct from them. we must be different from them inwardly and ouwardly. because if we same with the outwardly then we feel that we are close to them.

the objective of the Quran are many. to tell about Allah. to guide human. to balance the individual in this world. to create an Islamic society. to help us against our enemies.

the understanding of the verse of alfatihah will save us from the fasad of knowledge and fasad of intention. this is against the wrongdoings of the Jews and the Christians. where one have he knowledge but did not follow it. and another that has good intention but no knowledge about the religion.

and another two fasad that we are saved from are riak and kibr. where we can understand that all that we are supposed to do is to worship Allah and noone else. and that it is only through Allah that we can achieve anything. we cannot do anything on our own.


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