Perlis visit

Semalam sampai Perlis. bukan senang nak sampai. terpaksa pusing ke sana sini sebab missed turn kat highway masa nak ambik Mak dan ayah. then terpaksa meredah jem sebab ramai orang cuti krismas ni. jalan memang tak smooth. tapi alhamdulilah kami sampai dengan selamat.

ini kali kedua sampai ke Perlis for me. dedulu masa kecik kecik lagi. that time pun First time sampai langkawi. kali ni tinggal kat rumah akak kat Kg Wai nama dia. why it’s Wai (getit?) , i dunno yet. probably nama thailand kot. sebab just behind The hilly area at The back is thailand, My bro In law said.

what bugs me here is that orang Perlis ni ambik kesempatan dengan orang luar. bila dia tahu kami kami bukan orang tempatan, mereka jual dengan harga mahal sikit. ini Anak sedara aku perasan sebab kalau dia beli harga lain dia kata. entah apa apa. hello, kami ni orang Malaysia jugaklah. bukan orang luar Negara tau!

dan pekan kuala Perlis amatlah kecilnya. bukan apa, masa kami nak cari Klinik for emergency reason, tak jumpa yang bukak hari sabtu. orang boleh pilih ke nak sakit hari apa.

terpaksalah kami pegi ke pekan kangar. cari punya cari adalah jumpa yang bukak. tapi doktor pulak takde. adalah tiga tempat kami pergi. last last sekali kenalah kami pick One clinic dan tunggu sampai doktor sampai. sebab dah malas nak cari lagi.


Eye of the Tiger

Kevin Costner In The movie Tin Cup said: Gold and sex are two things that you can enjoy eventhough you are not good at it.

now we all know that Tiger Woods is good at golf. but now we know, maybe, just maybe, that he’s also a tiger in bed as well. hmm.

by the way, I’m good in bed.

I can sleep on it for hours.

Santau the movie

by the same Chinese producer that brought us the highly successful movie ‘Jangan Pandang Belakang’, he brought another scary movie Santau. it’s about the neighbour that couldn’t stand the success of his neighbour and he sets out to send bad vibes and things to him.

i heard that things like this do happened. hey, lots people also said that my parents also got something of the same nature. even dad thinks so too. but we could never verified that.

but the Bomoh in this movie can confirmed easily who is sending the santau. which in real life never happens to me. noboby can confirmed who is it that send the santau, it it really is to my parents. I would really like to know and confront that semi-human being and asked him about his problem.

back to movie. I’m not really a fan of horror movies. I was obliged to watch the movie, you see. I hate the fact that we afraid of those beings which are sub-human. they are below us in degree but yet we are still afraid of them. what gives?

I hope that someone would come up with a movie that when a ghost is scaring you and you turns to it and laught at it’s hideous looks.

Hijrah office

today we moved to a new office at wangsamaju. the office is still in disarray because it is not fully finished yet. but we still need to move. we’ll make do with what we have at the moment.

it would be lovely office. even though it is not ready yet but the are hints of great things to it. looking forward to see it in it’s full glory when it is ready.

my room is finished but I still waiting for the furniture. all new ones. that would be in a few days. meanwhile I have to borrow someone else table and chairs.

the area is still new to me. so I would need to scout around to see the areas. today prayed at the nearby masjid. missing the old TNB masjid. I like the fact that there’s not many people who goes there and you always know where to find the parking.

I like the coincidence that we moved during the first of Muharram or maal hijrah. hopefully it would mean many good things to us and that Allah would bless our new place and the staff and family that rely to it.

Hafazan is easy

earlier this week managed to attend a talk about Hafazan, or memorizing Quran. thought that it would be like an official class but it turns out just a talk.

but still managed to gleamed a good techniques on how to better memorize the quran. there’s a few steps to it. talaqqi, tahaddir and tasmie. that processes would to have a teacher to guide you or at least a friend that can monitor you. that is what I have been missing all these while. can’t find a mutual interested friend. hope that after this I would have fellow comrades along the way.

and the speaker gave a technique that the students supposed to use that you have to read and practises the new verses 60 times so that it would ingrained in the long term memory. no wonder I tend to forget the verses that I’ve memorized.

may Allah guide me towards the journey.

Ustaz giving the lecture about hafazan.

Thailand Bangkok

last weekend i was in Bangkok. from Friday to Sunday. stayed at Pratunam area, hotel Ecotel. quite a good hotel. not lavish but it’ll do.

my visit to Bangkok coincide with the birthday of the King. they had a big event over there. i guess because they don’t have independence day to have a big celebration, so this is it. the biggest celebration ever for them. once a year. the official color to wear on that day is pink. don’t know why.

they really love their king over there. one guy told me that they respected the king because he did a lot of good to the country. and that he is really a good king. you can see that it’s true the way they celebrate.

i experienced riding the Tuk Tuk. now that’s one vehicle that roams and weave through the traffic like they own it. i gather that it would be faster to get anywhere by Tuk Tuk. not sure whether it’s cheaper, though. they tend to fleeced you. on our first day, the tuk tuk that we ride brought us to a jewelry shop so that he would get commission. i was forced to buy a wallet. it was made from stingray. can’t complaint though, it is rather good. and then he brought us to a tailor in town where i was obliged to make a suit. again, can’t complaint. i could use a tailormade suit and it is rather nice and probably cheaper if i had made it in Malaysia. but the fact that the tuk tuk got commission for the visit means that i had to pay more than i had to for the items that i bought really bugs me.

another place that i went to is the Chatuchak market. man, that place is huge! crazy huge! it’s a weekend market. i don’t think that i’ve been to a place that big before. and we have only managed to visit a small portion of the market and even that has tire us. it’s a shopping haven for bargain hunter. and ladies, i guess. since we’re only guys so we just zoomed in to get things for people back home and finish the visit.

we’ve also visited the palace. but since it’s the celebration and there are too much people over there, we can only see the outside of the palace.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

lagi satu movie pasal pontianak omputih. pontianak pandai. siap pegi sekolah lagi. berbeza betul dengan pontianak kita. udahlah tak lawa, duduk atas pokokk dok mengacau orang lalu lalang jer.. he he he…

kali ni Bella ada dua pilihan jejaka. edward cullen dan jacob, the red indian guy. maka terbahagilah peminat movie Twilight kepada dua group. satu team Edward dan satu team Jacob. aku malas nak pilih mana aku suka, sebab pompuan jer yang dok pilih ni. tapi dari segi performance, dua dua bagus, cuma Jacob tak dapat cukup airtime macam Edward. dan Bella pun dari dulu lagi dia akan pilih Edward, macam dia dah kemaruk sangat dengan edward tu.

filem kita dan filem western memang dari dulu sampai sekarang tak habis habis masukkan cerita pasal vampire nih. gamaknya memang ada lah spesis vampire ni yang hidup bersama kita. kalau dari segi pengalaman, aku sendiri tak pernah jumpa, tapi kalau jelmaan vampire masuk manusia dan bercakap dengan aku tu, adalah. tak tau nak percaya ke tidak.

aku sendiri pun suka kalau filem filem paranormal ni sebab it’s a life other than normal life. berangan la jugak kalau aku ada power power macam vampire tu ada. boleh gerak laju, boleh baca fikiran orang dan sebagainya. berangan jerlah… manusia memang suka nak jadi superman. tu sebab macam macam amalan manusia melayu ni buat. baca itu dan ini. samada baca jampi serapah yang dapat dari bomoh, guru silat atau baca ayat Quran. betul atau tidak, itu boleh didebatekan.

movie ni antara yang kena tengok sebab terkenal sangat. tak payahlah aku review sebab ramai yang akan tengok. dan mungkin ramai yang akan suka. the story is nicely done. the cinematography is great. tak nampak tipu sangat. the characters was good. kalau tak tengok, rugi beb…

some interesting trivias from the movie:

During the filming of Bella’s birthday party, Jackson Rathbone got so into character that both Peter Facinelli and Kellan Lutz had to hold him back. During one of the takes, Elizabeth Reaser was knocked to the ground.

Broke the record for the biggest one-day gross in the US with $72.7 million. Former record holder was The Dark Knight (2008).

Robert Pattinson refused to have his eyebrows waxed as extensively as he had in the first movie, resulting in a slightly bushier look on Edward. tak perasan pun. pompuan perasan la kot.

A vampire’s diet is revealed by the color of the eyes – the Cullens feast only on animal blood and therefore have topaz eyes, whereas the Nomads and the Volturi have red eyes indicating they feast upon human blood.