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At the end of the game, the King and the Pawn goes into the same box

taken November 22, 2009

Filed under: Movies — visitor74 @ 5:59 pm

it’s a movie about a father that loves her daughter so much, he would do anything to save her. the daughter went for a holiday against her father’s better judgment and she got kidnapped together with her friend. it’s a syndicate where Albanians thugs kidnap naive unsuspecting young tourists to Paris and sell them into prostitution. scary, I know.

but the father, played by the good actor Liam Neeson, is no ordinary father. he’s an ex government agent and he knows to fight and use guns like normal people use pen to write. yup, the Albanians messed with the wrong daughter. they didn’t know what’s coming.

I don’t know whether the Albanians protested against this movie. but it really portrayed them as a bad lot. are they Muslims? I hope not. otherwise, it would mean a bad name to the muslims. oh, in the movie, there’s an old sheikh that buys the daughter because she is a virgin. now, that gives a bad name already to the arabs. it’s scary to think that there might be things like this happening in the real life. it is not safe anymore.

the daddy didn’t waste time to fly over to France and kicked ass all the way to get to her daughter. I like a movie where the good guys are not so good and kicked some baddies because they deserves it. I mean, I won’t bother anyone but let’s say some indons get into my house with bad intents, I would not hesitate to do him bodily damage. serious body damage.

it’s  like when any snatch thief got caught by the public. it would mean serious problem to the thief. the public would kick his butt, at the same time. even the police would look the other way.

back to the movie. i like how it turns out. this proves a father would do anything to save his children. no matter what it takes.

some trivia:

The martial art style used by Liam Neeson is Nagasu Do. It’s a hybrid martial art style that borrows from Judo, Aikido and Ju Jitsu.


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