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lie to me November 13, 2009

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there’s this interesting series that I recently found out called ‘lie to me’. it’s about a group of professionals that deals with those who tell lies, or the truth, depending on your take. basically they used human body language and facial expression to find out whether they are telling the truth or not.

according to it, people tell lies about four times in a ten minutes conversation. four lies! that’s a lot if you think about it.

people tell lies for a multitude of reasons. I try not to because I think that I’m a bad liar. but there’s a lot of times that I can’t help myself. the problem with telling lies is that you have to keep lying to cover for the first lie. that’s why somebody remarked before ‘when in doubt, tell the truth’. and you’ve heard the old age adage: honesty is the best policy. but is it?

sometimes you’d be put in a hot soup for telling the truth isn’t it? sometimes telling lies would be the right thing at the moment. for example: what do you tell your wives when she asked: ‘honey, do I look fat in this dress?’. whoa, be careful with what comes out of your mouth after that. it could be the last. he he. that’s why someone advised when telling the truth: ‘tell the truth, and run!’

my motto: ‘when in doubt, tell the truth’. I try to to live by that creed, but sometimes I got chided for it. in business, you have to bend the truth a bit.

but you should check out that series. I believe that it is based on sound research and they gave real life examples to back up their story. like example of Bill Clinton telling outright lie when he denied his relationship with you know who.

most people expect that people tell the truth to them but sometimes they themselves do not being upfront about all things. or they call it ‘half truth’.

Islam teaches us to tell the truth all the times. even for small matters. I remember someone told me how Imam Bukhari did not take a Hadith sanad from someone just because he lied to his goat. the man was calling his goat while giving the impression that he has food to give. imam Bukhari thought that if he could tell a lie to animal, probably he’s also lying about the hadith he about to relates.

in Malay culture we have a term which is called ‘dosa kering’. it’s the small mistakes and wrong things that we unintentionally did unknowingly to us, it is a wrong to do. like telling our kids that we will buy something for them if they stop crying. but we did not intend to do that.

one of the character inside the series is a man who believes in telling the truth all the times. all the times no matter what. he said that it is ‘radical truth’. and true enough, sometimes people cannot accept the truth. sometimes we cannot handle the truth. ‘ignorance is bliss’ as the saying goes.

what do you think?


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