it’s a movie about a father that loves her daughter so much, he would do anything to save her. the daughter went for a holiday against her father’s better judgment and she got kidnapped together with her friend. it’s a syndicate where Albanians thugs kidnap naive unsuspecting young tourists to Paris and sell them into prostitution. scary, I know.

but the father, played by the good actor Liam Neeson, is no ordinary father. he’s an ex government agent and he knows to fight and use guns like normal people use pen to write. yup, the Albanians messed with the wrong daughter. they didn’t know what’s coming.

I don’t know whether the Albanians protested against this movie. but it really portrayed them as a bad lot. are they Muslims? I hope not. otherwise, it would mean a bad name to the muslims. oh, in the movie, there’s an old sheikh that buys the daughter because she is a virgin. now, that gives a bad name already to the arabs. it’s scary to think that there might be things like this happening in the real life. it is not safe anymore.

the daddy didn’t waste time to fly over to France and kicked ass all the way to get to her daughter. I like a movie where the good guys are not so good and kicked some baddies because they deserves it. I mean, I won’t bother anyone but let’s say some indons get into my house with bad intents, I would not hesitate to do him bodily damage. serious body damage.

it’s  like when any snatch thief got caught by the public. it would mean serious problem to the thief. the public would kick his butt, at the same time. even the police would look the other way.

back to the movie. i like how it turns out. this proves a father would do anything to save his children. no matter what it takes.

some trivia:

The martial art style used by Liam Neeson is Nagasu Do. It’s a hybrid martial art style that borrows from Judo, Aikido and Ju Jitsu.


2012 Movie

another fun day at the movies. watched the new blockbuster at the premier cinema at Berjaya Times Square. I believe that this is the first time that I got my food ordered and set during movie time. what a cool idea. should have does this sooner.


back to the movie. was looking forward to it. it’s about the possibility that the world is going to an end. again. remember that movie when earth was about to be hit by giant meteor? this time, there are no solution to it. the world is flooding. and we can’t do anything about it. they just have to let it be. and live with it. or actually to die with it. but they and when I mean they, are those in powers, arranged to build modern day Arks in the desert of China. probably for the cheap labors. they should have labelled ‘Made in China’ on the arks…

it’s also about a family which defied all odds to be included in the list of those people that got their names onboard. the protagonist is played by John Cusack. one of the actors that i like to see on film.

I can see the innuendoes between this movie and prophet Noah a.s. the water is again the enemy. and they built arks to save mankind. they also shipped animals so that there would still be animals around when they disembark. and one of the kids in the movie is named Noah. coincidence?

but as i recalled, the flood during Noh’s time did not happened to the whole world. because it would be impossible. something that got to do with gravity and all. and it would not be fair to punish the whole of mankind whereby only the people of Noh that did wrong.

i am a bit worried with the outcome of this movie. there’s this thing called Mass Consciousness. when a lot of people imagine something, it could become a reality. and this is scary thing to happen. the destruction of the world is something not to be reckon with.

but my belief is that the qiamah would not come in the new future. traditions say that it would come at the time when Allah’s name is not uttered anymore. the name is like a distant past to the people at that time. that they kinda heard it before but not sure what Allah means. at the moment, we still have good muslims around, right?

but then again, Allah can decide when He wants to have the end of time.

I Love You Man

just watched a hilarious good movie. it’s about a guy that’s about to get married and finding out that he didn’t have a best man for wedding. because he didn’t a best friend. and he went out and searched out for it.


got me thinking about who my best friends are. I remember Man from primary school. he’s a bit pycho now that I think about him. we didn’t keep in touch after I went to boarding school. the last time i met him, he claimed that he’s a gangster and offered to make me his lawyer. I don’t have many friends to start with from my hometown. and when I went to school I seldom see them anymore. and when I do, there’s not much to talk about with them. different mindset and different game we were playing then. so nowadays when I got back to my hometown, it’s just to meet my families. my parents were careful with whom I friends with. so I didn’t mingle with the wrong crowd. so I guess that contributed to my well manered attitute.

and I got some best buds from secondary school. the best would be Hairul. he’s my sidekick. then we split after school. went to different uni. sad to think about it though. we always together during school. I go to toilet a lot and going to toilet at boarding school at night is kinda scary. you’d never know what you can find. he’s my wingman for that. never complained when I waked him up in the middle of the night to keep me company. now we have different lives altogether. the only connection is we’re on same FB together.

that’s the problem with guys. we don’t keep intouch like girls do. no mobile at that time and guys don’t do letters.

got a group of friends from uni. some I do keep in touch. some works together with me. but with families and other commitments, it’s hard to keep in touch. and hang out together.

one need friends that you can hang out with. that you are free to be yourself with. that don’t judge you too much. that you hope will be there during good and bad times. it would be nice to have someone to talk about life and religion in general and keep advising each other.

now I do have some friends that we met along the ways. wish they live nearby so that it would be easier to meet up.

I started watching the movie and wonders whether I do have good friends. but now that I think of it, I do have those that I would be proud to call them my friends. you guys know who you are. I won’t say ‘i love you’ though. that would be creepy.

make it happen

as you might know, I like dancing movies a lot. Honey and Step Up are some of those that I remember. that’s why I was interested to watch this one. but i think they wanted to ride on the same theme of the previous movies but they did not managed to get the same results. the dances were not that good except maybe some of it.


blood. the last vampire

thought that it would be a good movie. been looking forward for the movie. I guess mostly because i saw it on the display at the movie rental shop that I went to. you’d thought that they would put good movie marketing up there. but it’s just a not so good movie. feel bad about saying this. considering that all the actress and the crews worked hard at making it. they have ‘making of the movie’ as special feature inside the DVD. so I knew that they worked hard at it. but it’s not good enough to get a star rating from me.

I was looking forward for the fighting actions. there were some of it and at some moments it was interesting and enjoyable. the choreography was nice. the movie live up to it’s name. there’s blood everywhere. the killing just didn’t stop. killing the vamps were like slicing watermelons for Saya, the leading actress in the movie. it’s like the life of those people or vampire were meaningless.

they could have done better. I think the low quality of the CGI gave it away.

trivia: Koyuki who played Onigen (the motha vampire) is the leasing lady in the movie the Last Samurai starring Tom Cruise.


lie to me



there’s this interesting series that I recently found out called ‘lie to me’. it’s about a group of professionals that deals with those who tell lies, or the truth, depending on your take. basically they used human body language and facial expression to find out whether they are telling the truth or not.

according to it, people tell lies about four times in a ten minutes conversation. four lies! that’s a lot if you think about it.

people tell lies for a multitude of reasons. I try not to because I think that I’m a bad liar. but there’s a lot of times that I can’t help myself. the problem with telling lies is that you have to keep lying to cover for the first lie. that’s why somebody remarked before ‘when in doubt, tell the truth’. and you’ve heard the old age adage: honesty is the best policy. but is it?

sometimes you’d be put in a hot soup for telling the truth isn’t it? sometimes telling lies would be the right thing at the moment. for example: what do you tell your wives when she asked: ‘honey, do I look fat in this dress?’. whoa, be careful with what comes out of your mouth after that. it could be the last. he he. that’s why someone advised when telling the truth: ‘tell the truth, and run!’

my motto: ‘when in doubt, tell the truth’. I try to to live by that creed, but sometimes I got chided for it. in business, you have to bend the truth a bit.

but you should check out that series. I believe that it is based on sound research and they gave real life examples to back up their story. like example of Bill Clinton telling outright lie when he denied his relationship with you know who.

most people expect that people tell the truth to them but sometimes they themselves do not being upfront about all things. or they call it ‘half truth’.

Islam teaches us to tell the truth all the times. even for small matters. I remember someone told me how Imam Bukhari did not take a Hadith sanad from someone just because he lied to his goat. the man was calling his goat while giving the impression that he has food to give. imam Bukhari thought that if he could tell a lie to animal, probably he’s also lying about the hadith he about to relates.

in Malay culture we have a term which is called ‘dosa kering’. it’s the small mistakes and wrong things that we unintentionally did unknowingly to us, it is a wrong to do. like telling our kids that we will buy something for them if they stop crying. but we did not intend to do that.

one of the character inside the series is a man who believes in telling the truth all the times. all the times no matter what. he said that it is ‘radical truth’. and true enough, sometimes people cannot accept the truth. sometimes we cannot handle the truth. ‘ignorance is bliss’ as the saying goes.

what do you think?

apa nak jadi ni?

apalah nak jadi dengan mereka yang ada sedikit kuasa ni. kalau ada orang lain yang tak berapa nak sama fikrah mereka atau fikiran mereka lain sikit, mulalah nak sakit hari. dan sebab ada kuasa menangkap, maka mereka hantarlah orang atau juak juak untuk buat tangkapan.

tak kena langsung cara mereka. kalau yang ditangkap itu jelas buat perkara tak senonoh atau mengajar yang jelas terkeluar dari landasan agama, eloklah kalau ditangkap. tapi kalau individu itu seorang alim yang terkenal waraknya dan ilmunya, berhati hatilah sikit. ini tidak. dah kecoh satu malaya pasal cerita ni.

individu yang ditangkap itu memanglah ada lain sikit dari orang lain. bawak benda yang baru. bukanlah dia nak membaharui agama tetapi nak menyucikan amalan amalan rakyat kita yang kekadang tu dah tersipi sikit dari yang sepatutnya. alasan diamalkan sebegitu adalah sebab dah diamalkan dari nenek moyang yang dulu. tapi amalan tu takde dalam nas dan confirmation agama.

pada Saya yang sedikit ilmunya ni, tidaklah ada salahnya individu itu. betullah apa yang dibawanya itu. kita yang sedikit ilmunya ni, kenalah berlapang Dada dan menerima teguran dari mereka yang berilmu itu.