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DIY challenged October 28, 2009

Filed under: Monolog,Personal — visitor74 @ 7:34 pm

I really is not a good ‘do it yourself’ kinda guy. When there’s some fixin need to be done at the house, there will always be the problem of who we can hire to it. Instead me myself. There’s a few projects hanging in the air without any due date for it to finish.

There’s the painting to be done outside the house, the bulbs that need to be changed (how many husbands does it takes to change a light? : if it’s me, then it would take a lot of me)

Just the other day, my father in law beat me to it. The tap in one of the bedrooms is chugging water on a daily basis and it’s a nuisance to see and hear. Few months has passed without me doing anything about it. He got to know about it and before long, he’s already at the house and fixed it.

That’s not good for my morale boost.

I could have say that I don’t have much time. But everyone knows the real reason, right?


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