have you seen this one? oh my man, I can’t remember a movie, and a Malay at that, that can make laugh and later cried. this one is a keeper.


every father should see this movie. it’s about a father who spent too much time away from the daughter during her childhood years that he didn’t see her grow. and when he lost his wife, he wanted to repay back his mistake the only way he knows: by taking care of her, all the time. and I mean all the time. even at her school and even when she went to college.

of course the daughter felt that he was too clinging and gave ultimatum to him: either cool it down or she won’t go back home. he promised.

but he later reneged on the promise. going to the distance of pretending to be the gardener of the college where was studying. this is the funny parts. how he tried to protect her from oncoming guys that want to take advantage of her.

that’s how he thinks that he can showed his love for the daughter. dan memanglah seorang bapa atau lelaki In General tak tahu nak menunjukkan rasa cinta kepada perempuan dengan kata kata tapi mereka menunjukkan dengan cara mereka.

lastly the daughter understand what her father is doing. that what he did was his way of showing his love. that was great scene where she had made a short movie about that.

go catch it if you haven’t.


iphone experience

I have been using iPhone for less than a week now and I love it! there’s so much interesting that I can do with it. and lucky that I just got it now because with the upgrade to 3GS, the phone is a lot better than before. the next upgrade to the phone is to add video call feature Which is not present currently. but how much video call do you do, right?

I am big on software. or apps. I like to install those for productivity and personal matters.

as you can see, I’ve already added a lot of apps for my phone. and all these are free. I haven’t bought any software yet. been thinking about it.

DIY challenged

I really is not a good ‘do it yourself’ kinda guy. When there’s some fixin need to be done at the house, there will always be the problem of who we can hire to it. Instead me myself. There’s a few projects hanging in the air without any due date for it to finish.

There’s the painting to be done outside the house, the bulbs that need to be changed (how many husbands does it takes to change a light? : if it’s me, then it would take a lot of me)

Just the other day, my father in law beat me to it. The tap in one of the bedrooms is chugging water on a daily basis and it’s a nuisance to see and hear. Few months has passed without me doing anything about it. He got to know about it and before long, he’s already at the house and fixed it.

That’s not good for my morale boost.

I could have say that I don’t have much time. But everyone knows the real reason, right?

phuket trip


For the good sales that we had last year and this year, ensured a ticket for me for the partner summit at Phuket. I know that by saying phuket, it doesn’t sound like a business trip at all but rather a ‘fun’ searching trip. But i tell you this, we spent almost all of our time in the seminar room. they really want us to know about their products.

I had to travel alone from KLIA because i had to delay my flight from the planned time because had to attend an important meeting beforehand in KL. It’s not fun to travel alone because i always have the fear that i might be late and miss the flight. So it’s pretty stressful event for me.

Throughout the day, had to endure the long boring presentation on the good things of the products. the master of the ceremony at one point asked me to talk a bit about the latest successful sale. Come to think of it, i’m the only participants that has been asked to do that!

The food is not half bad. Not sure about the halalness of the meat, i had to maintain almost a vegan diet throughout the stay. It’s not that bad, because there are many to choose from and i’m not that hungry.

but on the last day, managed to visit the infamous Patong beach. not very interesting really. lots of people and skin, but no attraction. at least i can tell people that i’ve been there.


today I tried bekam/cupping/hijamah at one of the bekam center – Akubekam. the one in taman tun.

i’ve been wanting to try cupping for a long time and today i got round to it. it’s not exactly cheap, you know. for consultation and treatment for one hour, for me and wife, sets me back for more than 400 ringgit.

the main reason for me to try it is because of sunnah. it is one of the medical treatment that the prophet employed and suggested to his ummah. it gives me a lot of motivation to try it.

furthermore, it involves blood. it’s the lubricant of life and i’m sure we need to keep in check. the idea of cupping or bekam is about taking old, dirty blood from the body. those blood contains toxic and it should be taken out to leave only the good bloods circulating in the body.

i’ve known about the akubekam center for while now. it looks professional and clean and i’m sure that the are using steriled equipments. the doctor that started the center has done extensive study on bekam and it shows.

before this, i’ve tried bekam angin before where they deal only with a small element of the toxin in the body which is wind or gas in the body. but i know now that the bad bloods need to be taken out.

i need to go for another session next week to complete the treatment. then, the next session might be another 6 months time or a year later.

let’s hope that the treatment works and i’ll be a healthier person soon.