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sakit mata September 26, 2009

Filed under: Diary — visitor74 @ 4:05 am

masa beraya di rumah maklang, adalah pulak mereka yang dah kena infection mata. you know, the ones with the reddish eye, taik mata jadi macam glue and your eyes feels like it always have sand in em?

first my wife got it, then mom. i pray fervently not to get it and took all the necessary precaution and deterrent tehniques. i mean, me still in holiday mood what. but man proposes, God disposes.

dah ditakdirkan aku kena jugak. dua hari aku selamat. aleh aleh pagi tadi mata dah lain macam.. wa… wa…

rezeki untuk doctor. sebab tiga orang dari family aku kena, itu dah dekat seratus cost dah. that was one expensive visit to penang!

dah takdir. takkan nak salahkan raya kan.

the right thing to do is to stay home, try not infect other people. but… it’s holiday what..


been walking around wearing sunglasses today. afraid that people might think that i’m so vain. so i explained complete strangers my predicament.

it’s no fun having this eye infection. geram jer rasa. tak selesa. you’d know. barulah teringat kembali nikmat dapat guna mata dengan selesa. Allah tarik sikit jer.

we decided not to go ahead with our plan to visit houses for raya. the first three days of the infection is very infectious. we rather not trouble other people.

badan pun dah rasa nak demam. demam datang sekali ke? hu hu. terima jerlah. sekali sekala Dia nak bagi sakit.


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