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mask of zorro September 23, 2009

Filed under: Monolog — visitor74 @ 7:30 pm

i seldom see people donning the mask anymore. either the swine flu virus has died down or we developed a strong immunization to it already. somebody told me that he heard (so don’t bring this to the bank) that actually we all already have the virus inside us. it’s just the question whether our antibody is strong enough to suppress it.

i like that excuse. i’m not a fan of the mask from day one and not about to wear it in the near future. ignorance is such a bliss isn’t it?

the media has been reporting much about the flu lately. i like to think it’s because the cases has taken a dip. it would be a disaster if it has not. what with the people mingling with one another during this festive season. or has the media just suppress the news because the don’t to put a wet blanket over people’s celebration? oh well,

selamat hari raya.


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