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cupid September 4, 2009

Filed under: Monolog — visitor74 @ 8:49 am

just watched cupid on astro. interesting series about a guy that thought himself a cupid arranging love relationship between couples that might not met and have a successful relationship if left on their own. it’s great seeing him at work and succeed in the end. reminded me the movie where will smith becomes ‘hitch’.

I belong to the school that believe that ‘it is better to love and lost than never to love at all’. take all the chances that you can.

me, i’m having a problem a problem with arranging someone with another which I might be doing at the moment. I mean, what if the relationship didn’t work out? would they blamed me if it didn’t?

but the heck. I just arrange for it. they’re the ones that have to make the decision whether to continue or not, right?

may they never have to say this: I married miss right. but I didn’t know that her first name is ‘always’. he he.


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