do you sms or do you call?

the handphone craze in Malaysia started around the time when i’m in final year of university. jam tu, Kalau sapa pakai handphone gila power la. now, even school kids have them. lepas grad and kerja, barulah dapat pakai tapi masa tu handphone tak canggih lagi. text sms pun takde. boleh call jer. which brings me to my muse today.

there are people who loves to text all the time. that has become their mode of communications. and there are people that just call and no text. I heard that it’s the habit of Faizal Tahir.

to me, there are time to call and time to text. sometimes, we need fast response and call is the only way. I hate it when someone should have called but texted instead. wth?

but when the people that we called didn’t pick up, the immediately text the guy.

sometimes I do feel that it is not appropriate to call someone for the first time and because of that, I would text instead. but i’m afraid that sms has been misused for people to escape from making a real call.

youngster can be forgiven to use too much of texting because of cost issue. but grown ups? it really depends on occasion. like during meetings (you shouldn’t really sms during meeting, but sometimes, things needed to be done. or when late at night. and when sometimes I don’t have the energy to talk, but need to push the message across. and when I want to give the person on the other end sometimes to think.

happy texting! but don’t misuse it!


old movies

now that i have the movie channels, I got to watch old movies. not the old ones with the black annd white films, but those like five to ten years ago. like the Thomas Crown Affairs where the suave and debonair Pierce Brosnan played the protagonist. he’s not short of money when he stole the paintings. he just like the thrills of getting it. I know, a bit wee wee in the head, yes? but you got to admire the show.

and just today, When Harry Met Sally. probably an evergreen movie, right? Meg Ryan starred in this one. as if you don’t know.

though i’ve seen it many times before, but since God gave me a short term memory, i’ve already forgotten some of the plots and most often than not, i’d already forgotten the ending. really. so it’s like watching a new movie again. great.