there are two Yasmin Ahmad’s movies that I haven’t seen yet. talentime and Mualaf. talentime was crossed off yesterday.

the special thing about her movies is that it is different from other Malay movies. it gives a different perspective of the malaysian people. sometimes it shows a different public that we usually seen.

and she always have this fun loving family which consist of fat balding father and an open minded mother. the kids were open minded too and usually color blind. i mea they look beyond the race of the individual. you can sense this in all her previous movies and you tend to believe that she is also that way. a trully 1Malaysia ambassador if there is one.

Talentime is about a love sparks between a Malay (played by a Chinese) and an Indian boy.

the girls’s family have no problem because they are color blind but there’s a bit of a challenge with the indian’s. have i mentioned that the indian boy is mute? yup, they deserve love too, you. it is better to love and lost than never to love at all.

it was set in a school environment where they are preparing for a Talentime competition. the girl has a voice of angels, but the indian boy loved he nonetheless despite not being able to hear her voice. love is deaf, er, i mean blind.

and there’s another character played by one of the favorite actor who is good at singing. and he write the song, too. and he’s smart. and he has a sick mother. the love which they shared was exemplary. that’s how a son should treat their mothers, you know. eventually the mother died but he kept his promise to the mother that he will do his best. i like the scene where the chinese lad joined him and made the song even sweeter.


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