I would like to comment on the switchback from english to malay but my mind is still not made out. stay tune.

not that any of my comment would mean anything or amount to anything in the end because it’s just me trying to give a piece of my mind on the issue. and it is not based on any long and arduous study or interviews with those involved or those students that had study those subjects in english. sayyy, I don’t think that i’ve read any comments by them. guess their views did not matter. hmm.

at the moment, I think that most of the blogs I read are against the flip flop. though I found one interesting read that gave good points on why the project should not started in the first place. I don’t know where to begin.

the idea was espoused by che det the previous PM. now, he’s a visionary man that you should not take lightly. there are things which he came up with which were not that clear to us mere mortals when he suggested it, but after many years, seemed so make sense.

and he’s a man that can really hold the fort. when he made up his mind, he really would stick to it. mostly I believe that he thinks that it was the right thing to do and other people did not understand him. you can try, but the chances are slim. I like his style. others might not, though.

but the idea for PPSMI was made at the near end of his tenure and that he did not managed to follow through. of course he expected Pak Lah and subsequent PMs would honour it. now, when the present government wanted to change the rule, they made an effort to explain to him. they really don’t want to be the end of his brunts. but still, he’s not satisfied with the explanations given.

the present government is saying that because of the teaching in english, the performance of the rural students were very poor. che det said, what about the other subjects? it is any better? most probably not. this means that the students were the problem, not the teaching in english. even if they were taught in malay, they would still have that same problem.

of course, the glaring defect of the whole thing is the unreadiness of the teachers. they are NOT equipped to teach in english. i would definitely cringed if I have to be in their class while they’re teaching in Engsh. perhaps they were not equipped to teach in the first place. but i’m being mean here. those who knows, does. those who doesn’t, teach, right? and i digress there.


anyway, I don’t see that the people are talking about this anymore. that’s typical. when new issues come out, people would forget the other things that starts it.

this is just my opinion. like clint eastwood said in his movie: opinions are like assholes, everyone has one…


allow me to add to this writing considering that Che Det himself mentioned this issue again in his blog. it seems that he’s not putting this to rest. he is saying that the poll he conducted at his site and the meetings he had with people outside are saying that they are against the switch. a high statistics in his blog showed they they are against it.

wel, first of all, statistics are like bikinis. those they revealed are suggestive, but what they concealed are what really matters. I mean, those people that read his blog might be those that already liked the teaching in english or that they already love him and anything that he says is Gospel. so I wouldn’t want to believe in any statistics. unless if it’s carried by independent studies and it is carried out across Malaysia.

but that is moot discussion. most people are like me: we don’t everything but still thinks what we believe is right is naturally the truth. I just don’t go out and joined the public demonstrations because I hate to be in public and I need to near a working toilet all the time.

I myself think that we should have go on with the english teaching. sure, the teachers and the students are not ready. but we are pushing them to be ready. you think we need advise them to learn something and they would do so gingerly? you must be living in wonderland or someplace where you don’t need to use your brains.


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